Tobacco Museum in Yuxi

Why is Tobacco Museum So Special?

Tobacco Museum in Yuxi

Yunnan is famous for its Yunnan Tobacco. The Yuxi Tobacco Museum introduces and displays the tobacco planting, processing, smoking set and the content related to tobacco. The tobacco museum is divided into three parts. On the left, it introduces tobacco cultivation, smoking set(tobacco pipe, snuff bottle, cigarette case, tobacco puches, lighter, opium pipe, etc.), cigarette production and processing (tobacco leaf, filter tip technology, silver paper, etc.), tobacco companies and famous brands at home and abroad, and poems related to cigarette, smoking celebrities. Of course, Yuxi(玉溪), Hongtashan(红塔山) and other cigarettes brands are sold there.

At the entrance to the tobacco museum, there are many bronze statues. These bronze statues include figures who are planting and collecting tobacco leaf, some are transport tobacco by means of cattle or by pulling or carrying, and some are disposing tobacco. These statues are basically shaped according to the proportion of real people, all lifelike and vivid.

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How to Get There

Hongta District is the political and economic center of Yuxi City, so transportation to Hongta District is convenient. When you are there in Hongta district, you can take a taxi to Tobacco Museum.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are many buses from Kunming to Hongta District of Yuxi. It is about 107 kilometers from Kunming East Bus Station to Hongta District bus terminal, about 1.5 hours. The ticket price is from 37 yuan to 55 yuan.

2. By Train

The fastest way to get to Hongta District of Yuxi is by train. You can take train at Kunming railway station or Kunming south railway station. Departing from Kunming south railway station spends less time.

Accommodation Around Tobacco Museum

Tobacco Museum in Yuxi

Hongta district is located in the central Yunnan hinterland, and is ranked as one of the top 100 industrial regions in China. The economy is relatively developed. Accommodation in Hongta District is convenient as there are many hotels ranging from luxury hotels to hostels. 

Useful Travel Tips

1. You can visit Tobacco Museum at all seasons.

2. Hongta District of Yuxi is well-known for the cigarette brand, Hongtashan(红塔山).

3. Learn something about Yunnan cigarette in advance, which can help you visit the tobacco museum well.