Qiaojia County History

In 135 AD, Qiaojia(巧家) was a county named Tanglang(堂琅县) under the command of Qianwei prefecture. It was not untile Tang dynasty, Shushi and Qianwei prefecture administrated Tanglang county  by turns. At the beginning of Tang dynasty, Ludian was the territory of Tuodong prefecture(拓东节度), and the territory of Wumeng tribe, Dongchuan prefecture in Song dynasty. In the next period-Yuan dynasty, Dongchuan prefecture was reset as Road.  The governor of Qing dynasty inherited the system of Ming dynasty, keeping Qiaojia as Dongchuan People and Army prefecture(东川军民府). In 1913, Qiaojia county was established, and since the liberation in 1950, Qiaojia county was under the command of Zhaotong city.