Top 10 Wenshan Tourist Attractions and Things To Do Rated on TripAdvisor

Entering Wenshan is like walking into a paradise. Water is the soul of the place. Numerous peaks and winding rivers form the beautiful scenery of Zhong Ling in Wenshan. Colorful ethnic customs, delicious rice and vast and magnificent grassland, the beauty of Wenshan cannot be described by words, but can only be felt when you are personally present. Read the Top 10 Wenshan Tourist Attractions and Things To Do Rated on TripAdvisor.

1. QiHua MingDian Commercial pedestrian street(七花名店步行街)

Commercial Pedestrian Street is located in Kaihua Middle Road, Wenshan County. It is a very famous landmark. Here, the transportation is very convenient and there are many ways to get here. At the same time, there are many goods to shop, eat and rest, so this is a very good place for entertainment.  And it is also a very good entertainment place, where you can watch movies and drink coffee to kill time.

2. Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve

 Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve belongs to Wenshan National Nature Reserve. The forest coverage rate of the protected area is 94.3%. The highest elevation of the reserve is 2579.3 meters, And the peak is the ideal place to watch the sunrise and the sunset landscape. All kinds of brightly-colored and melodious birds can be found everywhere.

3. Xihua Park 

Xihua Park is located on Xihua Mountain, 3km west of Kaihua Town, Wenshan County. The terrain here is very dangerous, majestic and beautiful,  and it’s spacious inside the cave,Visitors can stand at the entrance of the cave and overlook the whole valley. The forest around the cave is dense and the climate is cool. It is a summer resort and a tourist attraction.

4. GuangDa Commercial street

The commercial street is located near Wenshan County Children’s Recreation City. It is a place with convenient and fast transportation. There are many shops and brands here. You can come here for shopping and entertainment. You can also watch movies, drink coffee and relax.

5. Xiaochang Waterfall(硝厂瀑布)

The waterfall is located 15 kilometers south of Wenshan County. In the gap between the two mountains, the sky is blue and the Panlong River flew down from more than 80 meters high, making it spectacular. Especially in the rain season, it is majestic, with splash and the sound of waterfalls deafening. The scene is spectacular and worth seeing.

6. Sanyuan Cave

The cave is located in the western hills 2 kilometers away from Wen shan city. The dense forest here shows the subtropical scenery here. Limestone is widely distributed on the surface of the earth, which is one of the most developed karst landforms in Yunnan. It is a natural, beautiful and steep karst cave with very beautiful scenery.

7. Liujing Karst Cave

Liujing Karst Cave Group is located in Liujing Township, Wenshan County, 1 kilometer away from the county seat. There is no severe cold in winter, no severe heat in summer, and the colors of spring are harmonious all the year round. There are 5 holes in the whole landscape.There are more than 80 scenic spots in the whole cave, which is quite spectacular.

8. Bozhu Mountain

Bozhu Moutain is located 77 kilometers west of Wenshan city, with the highest elevation of 2991 meters, which is the highest peak in southeast Yunnan. Bozhu Mountain has a total area of 76 square kilometers. It faces Laojun Mountain in the southeast and sunrise in the middle of the mountain is a very famous scenic spot in Bozhu Moutain.

9. Baishapo Hot Spring

Baishapo Hot Spring is located under Baishapo Village, 14km northwest of Wenshan County. There are separate bathing pools for men and women, as well as outdoor swimming pools, which can be used by nearly 1,000 people at the same time. The water temperature is 34 degrees and the hot spring is as clear as jade.

These are the top 10 Wenshan tourist attractions and to-do items selected by TripAdvisor. If you want to know more about other Wenshan tourist attractions, you can inquire on the website or consult relevant staff.