Qiaojia County Dining

Qiaojia county(巧家县) is rich in snacks and local dishes. Lies in the northeast part of Yunnan province, the eating pattern of Qiaojia people is deeply influenced by Sichuan cuisine, however, in the long process of developing and communicating, Qiaojia people has formed their own eating habits and local cuisine. There are some presenting dishes of Qiaojia county:

What to eat

Konjak fried with shrimp

Konjak fried with shrimp(虾米烧魔芋)

Konjak fried with shrimp is one of the famous local dishes in Qiaojia. The taste is delicious, tasty and refreshing. The local people takes it as the principle food in their daily life.

Corn CakeCorn Cake(包谷粑)

Corn cake is the traditional Han people’s snack. In the old time, rice was not planted in Yunnan, it was hard to make a living in the mountainous area, especially during the war and impoverished period. Corn was the principle food for people inhabited in the rural areas like Qiaojia. Corn cake has been popular among them since that time. Today, it is one of the presenting snacks of Qiaojia county. 

Where to eat

Qiaojia Thousand Glasses Short Barbecue(巧家千杯少烧烤)

Price: 40 Yuan for each person

Style: barbecue, fried rice

Tel: 0870-7126988

Address: near the Red Guide Road in Qiaojia county, Zhaotong city(昭通市巧家县红卫街附街)

The Best Conner Chaffing Dish(一品香火锅)

Price: 35 Yuan for each person

Style: chaffing dish, Yunnan Cuisine

Address: near the No. 18 Village Road in Qiaojia county, Zhaotong city( 昭通市巧家县018乡道附近)

Lu Xun Huihui Garden Restaurant(鲁旬回辉园)

Price: 45 Yuan for each person

Style: Yunnan Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine

Tel: 0870-7430337

Address: the border highway in Qjiaojia county, Zhaotong city(昭通市巧家县过境公路)

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