Qiaojia County Culture

Qiaojia(巧家) ,also named as Tanglang(堂琅) in the old time. The history about it was first found in pre-Qin period, and it was established as a county in Qin and Han dynasty. With a long history and profound cultural content, Ludian was one of the main birthplace of Yi ethnic group. The ancestors of Qiaojia county exploited the mine of Tanglang mountain and joint the creation of San Xingduibronze culture(三星堆青铜文化) and Yin-Shang Bronze culture(殷商青铜文化).  In the long process of developing, Qiaojia has formed its’ own culture-Tanglang culture.

Tanglang culture(堂琅文化)

Tanglang culture is created by the people who lived in Tanglang cou in the old time, the principle part of which is metal mining culture. It is the combination of the historical relics, culture pattern, social customs and life-style under the influence of mining culture. Proceed from the geographical space, Tanglang culture include both ancient Tanglang County, that is now the seat of the ancient Tanglang which regard Qiaojia Old store Town(老店镇) as the center of this ancient County, Huize county(会泽县), Dongchuan District(东川区) of Kunming jurisdiction, but also that the whole ancient Tanglang surrounding the Zhaoyang District of Zhaotong City, Yongshan County in creating a culture of ancient people. Generally speaking, Tanglanmg culture is a bright  compound culture type of Tanglang minority culture, historical culture, folk culture, literature and art.