Qiaojia County Overview

Basic information

Chineses name: 巧家

Location: In the northeast of Yunnan and northwest of Zhaotong

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect

Population:533 thousand

Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 3245 square kilometers

Zip code: 654600

Area code: 0870

Geographical Location

Qiaojia county(巧家县) is located in the northeast part of Yunnan province, the southwest of Zhaotong city. it borders Ludian county to the northeast across Niulan river, Huidong county of Sichuan province in the northwest, Dongchuan district and Huize county in the southeast. Qiaojia stretches 98 kilometers from north to south and 57 kilometers from east to west, the total land area is 3245 square kilometers with its’ population of 461 thousand.


Qiaojia county was historically one of an important cities in the south-western Silk Road,  the communication centre and the north gate of Yunnan Province leading to Sichuan and areas in middle-and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. There is a huge Hydropower Station named Baihetan Hydropower Station(白鹤滩水电站 ) lies on a town in Qiaojia. There are many scenic spots and entertainments, and the food is also quite delicious.


Qiaojia has the long history. Since the Former Qin Dynasty, it belongs to the Old Shu and its name was Tanggu, whose sliver and copper were famous in all places, so there are two famous reputation of “Hometown of Han Baptism” and “Hometown of World Copper and Copper” without any suspense.

Administrative Division

There are 3 towns and 13 townships.

Baihetan town(白鹤滩镇), Laodian town(老店镇), Maozu township(茂租乡), Dongping township(东坪乡), Hongshan township(红山乡), Dazhai township(大寨乡), Xiaohe town(小河镇), Xindian township(新店乡), Qiaomaidi township(荞麦地乡), Baogunao township(苞谷垴乡), Zhongzhai township(中寨乡), Chongxi township(崇溪乡), Jintang township(金塘乡), Mashu township(马树乡), Lufang township(炉房乡), Menggu township(蒙姑乡).

Ethnic Groups

Qiaojia county has 25 ethnic groups with the population of 28 thousand, and these minority people scatters in 6 minority village, Qiaojia county is a typical area where minority people lives.


Qiaojia has humid, semi-humid and semi-arid three kinds of water splitting. Under the influence of geographical conditions and the restriction of the monsoon climate, temperature difference between four seasons is not obvious, the distinction on vertical is significant. Wet in summer and dry in winter. The climate resources are rich in Qiaojia county, abundant in variety but uneven between seasons. The precipitation is plentiful and great in yearly fluctuation . The areas near the river are rich in sunshine and heat, the grow season of the crops is long. The superiority of climate resources are list as below: variety, efficiency and flexibility.


Qiaojia county has a convenient transportation system, the county’s road system is being completed.Long-distance bus is the main way for local people who want to travel afar, there are also taxi, bus and minibus. Most citizens have a motorbike while some people prefer bike.


Qiaojia county is rich in snacks and local dishes. Lies in the northeast part of Yunnan province, the eating pattern of Qiaojia people is deeply influenced by Sichuan cuisine, however, in the long process of developing and communicating, Qiaojia people has formed their own eating habits and local cuisine.


If you want to have a experience with the local culture, you can visit Tanglang Culture Square, Menggu Old Town and Xiaodongmen Neolithic Tombs for several days. Natural landscapes are still the most popular choices to visit Yaoshan Mountain National Nature Reserve, Tiansheng Bridge Gorge Scenic Area and Jinsha River Drift Scenic Area.