Qiaojia County Climate

Qiaojia county’s climate is monsoon climate type of the coexistence of subtropical and temperate. It has a low latitude and  the climate characteristic of the plateau climate and monsoon climate. Due to the complexity of terrain and relief, climate has the difference in its’ terriotory. Different climatic zones constitutes a typical multiple-layered climate in the mountains. Qiaojia has humid, semi-humid and semi-arid three kinds of water splitting. Under the influence of geographical conditions and the restriction of the monsoon climate, temperature difference between four seasons is not obvious, the distinction on vertical is significant. Wet in summer and dry in winter. The climate resources are rich in Qiaojia county, abundant in variety but uneven between seasons. The precipitation is plentiful and great in yearly fluctuation . The areas near the river  are rich in sunshine and heat, the grow season of the crops is long. The superiority of climate resources are list as below: variety, efficiency and flexibility. 

Best time to visit

The best season to visit Qiaojia County is Spring for the beautiful flowers are all around of the mountains. The best mouth to visit Qiaojia County is May for the most beautiful bird come there and you can have a wonderful trip here.

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