13 Days Yunnan Ancient Tea Horse Road Discovery and Puer Tea Culture Tour~From XishuangBanna to Puer and Dali

Travel along the Ancient Tea Horse Caravan Roads. During this thirteen day excursion, you will explore tea plantations and the local tea factories of Dali, Puer and XishuangBanna. Additionally you will visit exquisite historical landmarks. The Tea horse Road and Puer Tea Culture Tour, will provide tea afficionados and those with an appetite for broadening their horizons,…   an opportunity for you do deep research of China’s rich tea culture, as well as providing you with numerous stops along the way to sample and enjoy a wide variety of the world reknowned teas of Yunnan.


  • Visit the famous, historical Tea-Horse Roads and former sites of tea trading in Yunnan.
  • Step into ethnic villages and sample the rich cultural diversity of Yunnan.
  • Trek to tea covered mountainsides. Visit tea factories amidst beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Observe the processing of Yunnan Puer tea. (you will have many opportunities to sip samples all along the way)
  • Enjoy the amazing landscape and scenery of Yunnan. Considered by many to be China’s most beautiful province.

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive in Jinghong
  • Day 2: Jinghong-Menglun-Yiwu
  • Day 3: Yiwu-Youle Tea Mountain-Jinghong
  • Day 4:  Jinghong-Xiding-Menghai-Jinghong
  • Day 5:  Jinghong-Puer-Ninger
  • Day 6: Ninger-Jinggu-Zhentai Town-Mengda Town-Zhenyuan
  • Day 7: Zhenyuan-Qianjiazhai
  • Day 8: Qianjiazhai-Jingdong
  • Day 9: Jingdong-Wuliang Mountain-Nanjian-Weishan
  • Day 10: Weishan-Dali
  • Day 11: Dali-Yunnanyi-Kunming
  • Day 12: Kunming
  • Day 13: Departure from Kunming

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1,  Arrive in Jinghong
Meals: none

Sightseeing and Activities:
Arrive in Jinghong City, Familiarize youself with local surroundings with a walk along the Lancang-Mekong River and Manting Park, (on your own.)

Day 2 Jinghong -Menglun- Yiwu
Meals: breakfast, lunch

Sightseeing and Activities: 

In the morning, you will take a drive up to visit Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden.  You will take a bus along a winding road through a tropical rain forest and stop briefly at a rubber-tree orchard on the way to Yiwu. Then, a bumpy dirt road leads you to see and photograph an 800 year old tea tree, overlooking a gorgeous lush valley. On your return, we will take a walk along the Tea Horse Trail, which begins in Yiwu Old Town and eventually leads all the way to Tibet. Visit Yiwu Town and Yiwu Tea Mountains.

Yiwu is one of the 6 famous Puer Tea mountains and home to the Puer Tea Museum which we will have visited at the start of the Tea Horse Trail. In the evening we will spend time in the small, traditional and historic Yiwu Town. Enjoy some tea and/or a beer at a local stopover shop and fire off some roman candles in the street.

Day 3 Yiwu-Youle Tea Mountain-Jinghong
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Sightseeing and Activities:

Photo Gallery of Youle Tea Mountain in Jinghong County, XishuangBanna

After breakfast, transfer to Jinuo Tea Moutain Village. Visit Jinuo People, who uniquely belong to this region. Jinuo minority is the last ethnic minority classified by Chinese Government in 1979. Visit the ancient tea plantations around Jinuo village, which used to be one of 6 Great Tea Mountains reputed as the cradles of Pu’er Tea. Taste the tea that Jinuo people prepare in their traditional way.

Today, get the chance to make your own Puer tea cakes at a small Cha Ma Shi factory in Youle, Youle Tea Mountain or Jinuo Tea Mountain(攸乐山茶区/基诺山茶区) is another of the 6 famous Puer tea mountains.

From this small tea factory, visit Dadugang Ten Thousand Mus Tea Garden, the owner of the largest tea plantation in Asia. Terraced fields of 30yr old tea bushes could be seen in all directions and the view was breathtaking. The DaDuGang factory was filled with massive processing equipment, primarily for green though they make 107 different varieties, which had a very industrial feeling to it.

After dinner, drive to Jinghong City.

Day 4 Jinghong-Nannuo Tea Mountain-Xiding-Menghai-Jinghong
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Sightseeing and Activities:

One Day Nannuo Mountain Tea Culture Tour in XishuangBanna

Starting from Jinghong, drive to Mount Nannuo, see ancient tea plantation aged over 800 years of Aini people, who have been engaged in tea-planting here for centuries, visit their villages and taste roasted tea they prepared in unique way, through chat we may discover how much Aini people rely on tea. Villages in Nannuo Mountain consist of Banpo Laozhai Village(半坡老寨), Duoyizhai Village(南糯山多依寨村), Guniang Village(姑娘寨), Yakou Xinzhai Village(丫口新寨), Laozhai Village(老寨), Shitouzhai Village(石头寨),Zhulincun Village(竹林村寨) ,Xiangyang Village(向阳寨) and Shuihe Village(水河寨). Move on to Menghai, pay visit to small tea workshop in the village to learn about how fresh tea leaves are processed. 

Transfer to Xiding Town, visit Zhanglang Bulang Ethnic Village; pay a visit to Xiding Market where you can join a local market (the local market is on every Thursday) and many ethnic minorities come together for their trades, such as Dai, Wa, Bulang and Hani people. It is very popular among Chinese and foreighners, sometimes Burmese also come to the market. 

Drive back to Jinghong for overnight.

Day 5 Jinghong-Puer-Ninger
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Optional Sightseeing and Activities:
Nakeli Village  in Ninger County(那柯里村)
Kongqueping Village and The Ancient Tea Horse Road in Ninger County(磨黑镇孔雀屏茶马古道)
Chaantang Ancient Tea Horse Caravan Relics in Ninger County(宁洱县茶庵塘段茶马古道)
Mohei Ancient Town in Ninger County(磨黑古镇)

Day 6 Ninger-Jinggu-Zhentai Town-Mengda Town-Zhenyuan
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Optional Sightseeing and Activities: 
Kunlu Tea Mountain  in Ninger County
Tree-wrapped Pagoda and Tower-wraped Tree in Jinggu County
Zimajie Village of Zhentai Town(振太镇太和村委会紫马街村), 
Yangjia Village of Zhentai Town(振太镇文索村委会杨家村), 
Wensuo Zhongcun Village(振太乡文索中村)
Yingde Village of Mengda Town in Zhenyuan County(镇沅县勐大镇英德村委会英德村)
Pingzhang Shangcun Village of Mengda Town in Zhenyuan County(勐大镇文仆村委会平掌上村)

Day 7 Zhenyuan-Qianjiazhai
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Qianjiazhai Village in Zhenyuan County, Puer

Optional Sightseeing and Activities:
Mayang Acient Paper Mill (Heping Town) (镇沅县和平乡麻洋纸厂)
Zheganhe River (镇沅县者东乡者干河)
Qianjiazhai Village(千家寨村)
Qianjiazhai Ancient Wild Tea Trees(千家寨古茶树)
Qianjiazhai Dadiaoshui Waterfall(千家寨小吊水瀑布)
Qiaojiazhai Xiaodiaoshui Waterfall(千家寨大吊水瀑布)
Duluhe River in Qianjiazhai(千家寨嘟噜河)
Jiujia Sha Drama in Zhenyuan County(镇沅县九甲杀戏)

Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Jiujia Township, visit Qianjia Village Scenic Area. Enjoy Dadiaoshui Waterfall and Xiaodiaoshui Waterfall, pass through the Ailao Mount. primitive forest, and visit the over 2700-year old “world king of wild tea tree” (prompts: prepare some solid food, drinking water, mountaineering clothing and shoes, required gear and personal essential medicines. The weak is not recommended to participate).

Supper after getting down from the mountain. One night stay in Jiujia Township.
Tour Route:
Zhenyuan County-Heping Town-Zhedong Town-Jiujia Town-Qianjiazhai Village

Day 8 Qianjiazhai-Jingdong
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Optional Sightseeing and Activities:
Huangcaoling Village of Jinping Town in Jingdong County(景东县锦屏镇黄草岭村)
Tianxin Village of Dajie Town in Jingdong County(景东县大街乡文山村委会田心村)
The Ancient Tea Plantations of Wuliang Mountain in Jingdong County(景东县无量山古茶园)
Ancient Tea Plantations of Yubishan Mountain in Jingdong County(景东县御笔山古茶园)
Bangwai Ancient Tea Garden of Wuliang Mountain(景东县锦屏镇邦崴村古茶树)

Breakfast at hotel. Go for Jingdong County. Wander in Huangcaolin Eco-tourism Village. Lunch on the way. Visit Jingdong Confucian Temple, Acropolis Sites, Yubi Mountain Forest Park.

Today, you will visit the ancient wild tea trees in Ancient Tea Mountain. Driving arrive at the Jingdong Tea Factory, then two motorcycles’ driver will take you to the Ancient Tea Mountain to visit the ancient tea trees. 

Supper and one night stay at Jingdong County.

Day 9 Jingdong-Wuliang Mountain-Nanjian-Weishan
Meals:breakfast, lunch

King of the Ancient Tea Tree in Menghai County, XishuangBanna

Optional Sightseeing and Activities:
King of The Tea Tree of Wuliang Mountain(南涧县无量山镇小古德村茶树王)
Xiaogude Tea Garden of Wuliang Mountain in Nanjian County(南涧县无量山镇古德茶园)
Heimoju Village of Wuliangshan Town(南涧县无量山镇红星村委会黑么苴村)
Tea Garden of Wuliangshan Cherry Blossoms Valley( 南涧县无量山樱花谷茶园)
Hujie Village of Baohua Town in Nanjian County(南涧县宝华镇虎街村委会虎街村)
Tiaocai Dance of Yi Ethnic Minority in Nanjian County(南涧县彝族跳菜/抬菜舞)
Yuwanshui Village of Weibaoshan Town in Weishan County(巍山县巍宝山乡玉碗水村)

Today, you will drive along the foot of Wuliang Mountain to Nanjian County, visit the ancient wild tea trees in Ancient Tea Mountain in Nanjian County.
Transfer to Weishan County for stay.

Day 10 Weishan-Dali
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Sightseeing and Activities:

Dali Ancient Town

Weishan Ancient Town(巍山古城)
Donglianhua Mosque in Weishan County(巍山东莲花清真寺)
Donglianhua Village in Weishan County(巍山县东莲花村)
Huihuideng Village of Yongjian Town in Weishan County(巍山县永建镇永胜村委会回辉登村)
Huiying Village of Dacang Town in Weishan County(巍山县大仓镇回营村)
Shanta Village of Miaojie Town in Weishan County(巍山县庙街镇盟石村委会山塔村)
Mixing Village of Yongjian Town in Weishan County(巍山县永建镇马米厂米姓村)
 Xiaxilianhua Hui Ethnic Village of Yongjian Town in Weishan County(巍山县永建镇下西莲花回族特色村寨)
Visit Weishan Ancient Town in the morning, transfer to Dali, stop to visit Donglianhua Village and Donglianhua Mosque, also you find some intereting villages listed in the program you can choose to visit.
Arrive in Dali Ancient Tow in the afternoon, walk around Dali Ancient Town, the Ancient City Wall and Foreigner Street.

Day 11 Dali-Yunnanyi-Kunming
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Sightseeing and Activities:
Visit Zhoucheng Bai Ethnic Village, Tie-dyeing Family Workshop and Tie-dyeing Class, Xizhou Old Town.
Visit Xiaguan Tuocha Tea Factory and Tuocha Tea Museum,
Transfer to Kunming, stop to visit Yunnanyi Old Town, which is an important town of the Ancient Tea Horse Road in Xiangyun County.

Day 12 Kunming
Meals:breakfast, lunch

Sightseeing and Activities:
Visit Yunnan Ethnic Villages, The Green Lake Park, Yuantong Temple;
Visit Bangsheng International Tea Market and Xiongda Tea Market.
Taste Yunnan Crossing-Bridge Nooodles and Steamed Chicken Hot Pot as your dinner.
Enjoy Dynamic Yunnan Show at night.

Day 13 Departure from Kunming

Transfer to Kunming airport or train station for departure. Service ends.

Service Included:

  • Admission fees for all of the sightseeing spots listed in the itinerary;
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary;
  • Hotels as listed in the itinerary;
  • Private English-speaking tour guide and vehicle for transfers & sightseeing;
  • Service charge & government taxes;
  • Luggage transfers between airports and hotels;
  • Free-bottled mineral water.

Service Excluded:

  • Any arrival and departure international airfares or train tickets;
  • Chinese visa fees;
  • Single room supplement;
  • Excess baggage charged by Airlines;
  • Tips to guides and drivers;
  • Personal expenses and gratuities to service staff.
  • Personal travel accident insurance;
  • All optional programs.