Samagong Nature Reserve Area in Diqing

Where is Samagong Nature Reserve Area – Location

Samagong Nature Reserve Area is located in Tacheng Town, Weixi County, with an area of 243 square kilometers. It lies in the east of Dalianzi in the Yunling mountain range and the north of the Kogong river, connecting with the forest in Deqin county. It is in the transitional zone between the east of Indo-Myanmar and the southern edge of Qinghai-Tibet plateau.

Features of Samagong Nature Reserve Area

The nature reserve was designated by the people’s government of Diqing prefecture on December 19, 1981. It is an important water resource forest in the West Bank of upper Jinsha River. It’s also a habitat for various wildlives. The highest point is Tongsagang, which is 4,170 meters above sea level. It gradually decreases to the east and reaches 2,230 meters above sea level in Kegong Village.

The nature reserve is densely forested with rare wood such as spruce, fir, seabuckthorn and bamboo. Due to humid climate, elevation difference is obvious and the plant species are complete. More than 90 Yunnan golden monkeys are also living in the reserve. In addition, there are many kinds of wild protected animals, such as little panda, big civet, roe and bear. Here, the ecological preservation is complete, the air is fresh and moist, the scenery is quiet and serene, and the water resources are extremely rich, which makes the mountain full of infinite spirit.