Tacheng Town Shopping

What to Buy

1. Weixi Honey of Various Flowers

Weixi Honey of Various Flowers has a long history of development. As early as 1500 years ago,when Lisu people moved to the county, they formed an indissoluble bond with the local wild bumblebee (Oriental honeybee). People gradually learned to collect wild honey in production and life. Weixi Honey of Various Flowers is a mature honey that is fully brewed by the oriental honeybee. The color is amber or dark amber. It is viscous fluid at normal temperature. It has a typical natural floral scent. It has a rich and tender taste and a long aftertaste. It is a treasure in honey.

2. Weixi Walnut

Walnuts have many functions, such as nourishing skin beauty, improving heart function, anti-radiation and improving brain function. The total area of walnut planting in Weixi County has reached 400,000 mu, and each rural population has an average of more than 2 mu of walnut forest. In recent years, driven by leading enterprises such as refined walnut oil plants introduced in Weixi County, the price of walnuts has risen all the way. The walnuts once sold for 10 yuan per kilogram. The walnuts became the rich trees and money trees. Thus, the economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits realized are fully demonstrated. Weixi wild walnut oil is also exported to the province and abroad as the market develops.

3. Black Bone Sheep

The mutton of Weixi Black Bone Sheep is delicious and rich in melanin. It has the dual health functions of nourishing yin and tonifying yang. Mutton: reducing waist and knee pain. Bone: hurricane and pain relief, using for rheumatism, numbness of limbs, etc. Sheep placenta has special effects on kidney, impotence, tonic, menstruation, postpartum nourishment. What’s more, heart, liver, gallbladder, blood, kidney, thyroid, etc. can be used as medicine. Therefore, the black bone sheep are all treasures, and have invaluable value for the deep development of medicines and nutraceuticals.

4. Crafts of Minorities

Tacheng is a small town located in the northeast of Weixi County in Diqing. It’s a place where Tibetan, Naxi, Lisu, Han, Yi, Bai, Pumi and Hui people inhabit in Tacheng Town for generations. You can buy some crafts of minorities like a delicate wallet.

5. Ice Wine

Since the ice grape spreads over Tacheng Town, ice wine is also the specialty there, it’s a good choice as a present.

6. Fresh Persimmon

Picking fresh persimmon, after 3-6 days' removal of astringency, processing into dried persimmons, dry meat, taste sweet and stored eventually . Persimmon nutrient-rich, bright color, soft and juicy, sweet and delicious, populated among children and senior people. Persimmons contain mannitol, sucrose, glucose and dense wood alcohol. Persimmon have the function of antihypertensive bleeding, heat Runchang. Frost on persimmon called Persimmon Frost, Persimmon Frost can cure sore throat, mouth sores, Hyperactivity cough, hemoptysis embolism etc. Ground Persimmon Frost with 10 grams, 5 grams of mint, borneol 0.5 grams on ground together, rubbed, can cure mouth sores, angular cheilitis. Persimmon and Dried Persimmon all contain invert sugar, sucrose, mannitol, malic acid and other substances, and contain tannin. Persimmons and  Dried Persimmon can do to ease nourishment. Run stool and hemostatic effect, can ease the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids, stopping bleeding hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding.

Where to Buy

If visitors want to buy the local products as a gift to their friends, families, they can buy the local products in specialty stores at a reasonable price.

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