Tacheng Town Climate


Due to the largest river of Weixi Country Lapu River crosses the whole Tacheng Town, the weather on both banks of the river is relatively pleasant , and forms a subtropical and temperate monsoon mountain plateau climate. the winter is relatively long, almost without summer time. Spring is replaced by Autumn. It’s divided into dry and rainy season. The topography is complex and the difference of the altitude is great, thus it’s also characterized with a vertical climate. The total annual average sunshine duration is around 2104.5 hours; the annual average temperature is  15.3 ℃. The average annual rainfall is about 938.1 mm.

Best Time to Visit Tacheng Town

The climate in Tacheng Town is long winter without summer. Spring first, then autumn begins. Every season is the best time to visit Tacheng Town, every season has different view. The lowest temperature is -1.5℃, it is not very chill, and you just wear thin down jacket.

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