Tacheng Town Culture

Tibetan, Naxi, Lisu, Han, Yi, Bai, Pumi and Hui people inhabit in Tacheng Town for generations. Tacheng is the only place which inherits the complete classical Tibetan Reba dance and it’s regarded as "The Hometown of Reba Arts". Tacheng Reba Art Festival in Shangri-la is annually celebrated on March 28  of the Chinese lunar calendar. The way to celebrate Spring Festival varies from one ethnic group to another ethnic group. There are also many other festivals in Tacheng. People will dress up on holidays, dancing and singing, organizing various folk activities and contests. Check the list of the festivals.

  1. Tacheng Reba Art Festival in Shangri-la
  2. Spring Festival
  3. Horse-race Festival
  4. Worship BuddhismFestival
  5. Bullfight Carnival
  6. The Torch Festival
  7. The Harvest Festival