Tacheng Town Travel Tips

Tacheng Town is located in the northeast of Weixi County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is adjacent to Tacheng Township in Lijiang, Tuoding Township in Deqin County, Xiaruo Township in Deqin.

Best Time to Visit Tacheng Town

The climate in Tacheng Town is long winter without summer. Spring first, then autumn begins. Every season is the best time to visit Tacheng Town, every season has different view. The lowest temperature is -1.5℃, it is not very chill, and you just wear thin down jacket.


Because Tacheng Town is a small place, there is no Bank of China. If you have any money exchange needs, please exchange it in Banks of China in Diqing.

Useful Numbers

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114

Weather Forecast: 121

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Weather Forecast: 12121

Diqing Shangri-La Airport Inquiry: 0887-8229901


Tacheng Town is a small place, so there is a health center in Tacheng Town.

Tacheng Town Center Health Center in Weixi County: Next to the Tacheng Town Government of Weixi Lisu Autonomous County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and its telephone is  0887-8756120.

Dressing Tip

Due to large temperature difference between morning and evening, it is recommended the visitors shall bring down jacket or some thicker clothes.

How to Get to Tacheng Town

From Shangri-La to Tacheng Town
Tacheng Town is nearly 120 kilometers away from Shangri-La, there is just one direct long-distance bus from Shangri-La to Tacheng Town and it runs at 9:30 am. You can take a long-distance bus from Shangri-La Long-distance Bus Station to Weixi County and get off the long-distance bus at the stop in Tacheng Town. The bus runs every one hour from 8:00 to 12:00 for the fee of 46 yuan. Of course, the prices are for your reference, the specific prices are subject to the actual condition. The alternative way is to rent a car.

From Lijiang to Tacheng Town
Tacheng Town is 160 kilometers from Lijiang. There is no direct long-distance bus for Tacheng Town. You can rent a car, or you can take a long-distance bus departing from Lijiang for Weixi County, get off the long-distance bus in Tacheng Town. The bus departs at 7:50 am, 9:30 am and 12:00 am.

From Weixi County Center to Tacheng Town
You can take the village bus or rent a car to get to Tacheng Town.

Lijiang Bus Station
Address:No 25, Kangzhong Road, Lijiang City
Telephone: 0888-5121106

Shangri-La Bus Station
Address: Zhongxiang Road, Shangri-La City
Telephone: 0887-8223501


Due to the largest river of Weixi Country Lapu River crosses the whole Tacheng Town, the weather on both banks of the river is relatively pleasant, and forms a subtropical and temperate monsoon mountain plateau climate. the winter is relatively long, almost without Summer time.

Other Travel Tip

Many of the shops are operated by locals. It is recommended that you walk around Tacheng Town first to ensure that you are paying a reasonable price.

Note: For people who want to see the snub-nosed monkey, the best time is from 8:00 am-11:00 am and evening, which is the time to feed the monkeys.