Tacheng Town Transportation

Tacheng Town is located in the northeast of Weixi County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is adjacent to Tacheng Township in Lijiang, Tuoding Township in Deqin County, Xiaruo Township in Deqin.

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From Kunming to Tacheng Town

Tacheng Town is a small place, there are no airports in Tacheng Town. However, there is an airport in Diqing, namely, Diqing Airport. Visitors who want to go Tacheng Town can go there by air, and it is convenient to take a long-distance bus to Tacheng Town in Diqing.

Long-distance Bus

1. From Kunming to Tacheng Town

There are no direct long-distance buses from Kunming to Tacheng Town. For visitors who want to go to Tacheng Town, they can go to Lijiagn by train, which will take 10 hours, then take a long-distance bus to Tacheng Town, which will only take about 4 hours.

2. From Shangri-La to Tacheng Town

Tacheng Town is nearly 120 kilometers away from Shangri-La, there is just one direct long-distance bus from Shangri-La to Tacheng Town and it runs at 9:30 am. You can take a bus from Shangri-La Long-distance Bus Station to Weixi County and get off the long-distance bus at the stop in Tacheng Town. The bus runs every one hour from 8:00 to 12:00 for the fee of 46 yuan. The prices are for your reference, the specific prices are subject to the actual condition.

3. From Lijiang to Tacheng Town

Tacheng is 160 kilometers from Lijiang. There is no direct bus for Tacheng. You can take a bus departing from Lijiang to Weixi County, get off the bus in Tacheng Town. The bus departs at 7:50am, 9:30am and 12:00am.

4. From Weixi County Center to Tacheng Town

You can take the village bus or rent a car to get to Tacheng Town.

Notes: The telephones of the main long-distance bus stations are as follows, which will be helpful for visitors who want to go to Tacheng Town.

Lijiang Bus Station
Address:No 25, Kangzhong Road, Lijiang City
Telephone: 0888-5121106

Shangri-La Bus Station
Address: Zhongxiang Road, Shangri-La City
Telephone: 0887-8223501

Get Around

Chartered Car

If you want to travel someplace, chartering will be a good choice, especially in Tacheng Town. You can go anywhere you want. You don't have to get up early to get a car. You can decide the departure time according to the specific situation. You can freely plan the route. You can freely choose the stop location. You can enjoy the scenery slowly along the way. Take a tent sleeping bag and camp with your friends in the right place. Enjoy the pleasure of traveling.


Taxi is an important tool for urban passengers to travel, and to a certain extent, it is also a window for foreign visitors to understand the city. If the passenger chooses to take a taxi as a means of transportation, the difficulty of taking a taxi is the first feeling of the passengers coming to the city.

In Tacheng Town, it is convenient to take a taxi to travel. You can go anywhere you want and the service quality is very good.