Longchuan County History

Longchuan is under the ministration of Buwei county of Yizhou Prefecture, Han Dynasty.

In Tang Dynasty, Longchuan is governed by Yongchang.

Until year, 1950, Longchuan is free as a independent county.

Dehong was called “Ancient Mengmao Kingdom” in the recording of The Pattra Sutra; it was named as the “Dianyue Elephant Riding Kingdom” under the pen of Simaqian. Dehong is not only the outlet of the ancient “The Southwest Silk Road of China”, but also the outlet of the Yunnan-Myanmar Road. At present,it is still the golden port leading to South Asia and Southeast Asia. Since its founding in 1953, the Dehong Dai-Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture has been a great concern of the leaders of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.

Long before, Longchuan was a part of Mengwan of Dai people. It was Ailao County under Yongchang Prefecture in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220AD) (having jurisdiction over Dehong District). In the Ming Dynasty, the central government administrated Longchuan by setting up Xuanfu Office. In 1952, Longchuan County was set.