Longchuan County Festivals and Events

Jingpo is the major ethnic group of Longchuan County, so Munaozongge Festival of Jingpo is the grandest one here. The other ethnic groups celebrate their festival here, Water-splashing Festival, Kuoshi Festival and Aluwoluo Festival. Travels cannot miss the traditional ethnic festivals. They make Longchuan colorful and majestic. Here are some festivals and activities in Longchuan County.

Munaozongge Festival 目瑙纵歌节

Munaozongge means that everyone dances together in Jingpo language. It is the grandest festival of Jingpo ethnic minority to sacrifice and commemorate their hero.

New Rice Festival 新米节

New Rice Festival, also called ‘New Rice Tasting Festival’, is a get-together for Jingpo people to offer sacrifices to ghosts and taste their new rice during 8th and 9th month of the lunar year, a time before rice is harvested.

Water Splashing Festival 泼水节

It is the traditional festival of Dai and De’ang ethnic minority. During this time, people splash water to each other to show wishes and get rid of the bad things last year.

Kuoshi Festival 阔时节

Kuoshi Festival is the traditional festival of Lisu ethnic minority which means the festival of singing and dancing in the new year.

Aluwoluo Festival 阿露窝罗节

Aluwoluo Festival is the most important festival of Lisu ethnic minority, deriving from ancient religious ceremony.