Longchuan County Shopping

Jingpo and Achang people here are skillful in handicrafts as other ethnic minority. Their handicrafts are famous in China, which can be meaningful souvenirs. Otherwise, their snacks and local dishes are other things for you to buy.

What to Buy

Husa Knives 户撒刀

The knife is a famous handicraft of Achang people and is named after its producing place-- Husa in Longchuan County. Husa knives are beautiful , sharp and durable, enjoying the same fame as the Tibetan and Mongolian knives, and they are adored by the nationalities in west and northwest Yunnan. It is in the list of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Hand-serving Rice-noodles 过手米线

The rice-noodles are a special food of Achang people in Husa area. They are made of red rice and eaten with minced pork mixed with some ingredients. When eating the food, people will put the rice-noodles in the hand before putting it into the mouth. That is why the food is so named.


Jingpo Brocade 景颇织锦

Every Jingpo women are skilled at brocade. All of their dress and clothes are made by themselves. Through their waving, the Jingpo brocade is rich in connotation, with a unique form and color and a unique pattern. It is remarkable in Chinese folk arts.


Tongpa 筒帕

Tongpa is from the Dai people’s language, which is usually called the ethnic’s bags. Dai, Yi, Hani, Jingpo, Wa, Lisu and other ethnic groups have the habit of using “Tongpa”. However, Dai people’s Tongpa has a longer history and better embroidery.


Fish Raised in the Rice Fields稻田鱼

This can only be found in Longchuan county, Yunnan. It is highly effective and productive to raise fish in the rice fields. The fish tastes very good, besides, the rice grows wonderfully.


Water Splashing Baba 泼水粑粑

This is made of sticky rice. After the water splashing festival, people here will have the sticky rice made into starch, mixing it with sugar. Then cover the food with huge banana leaves to steam it to be able to eat.

Where to Buy

Without the grant shopping mall, the local shops and markets are better choices for travelers to overview the specialty. Moreover, you will find something interesting and unique.