Shuipingzi Moon Rice Terraces of Dongchuan Red Land, Kunming

Chinese Name: 东川红土地水坪子梯田(月亮田)
English Name: Shuipingzi Terraced Fields of Dongchuan Red Land, Kunming 

Location:The scenic spot of Yueliangtian in Dongchuan Red Land is called Shuipingzi as well and a distant attraction with terraced fields, it features a paddy fields which looks like a jade pipa. It’s similar to the terraced fields in Yuanyang, but it’s smaller. You can capture the scene after the paddy fields are filled with water in Spring, and you also can enjoy the golden Autumn with the rice waving.

The scenery of Yueliangtian is regarded as “ earth sculpture” which is a fabulous blend of gorge landscape and Terrace wetland landscape. The terraced fields is colorful When the moonlight pours, and the edges of fields are graceful and with rich layers, so it’s called “moon field”.

There is an “antique musical Instrument” in Yueliangtian. It’s said to be a pipa or a violin according to its shape. Nevertheless, some people think it is an instrument left by god whatever instrument it is. People cultivate it in the daytime, whereas, God plays music with it at night. It’s located on a hill where there are many terraced fields. In April, the locals water the fields, and the sunlight pours upon the surface of the water, which leads to a polytropic scene, a good place for photographer to shoot. 

Shuipingzi Terraced Fields of Dongchuan Red Land, Kunming-01

 The specks of light in the paddy fields twinkle in the moonlight just like the stars in the sky. It’s said by locals that you will hear the beautiful sound of drums, zurna,  flute and the running water of the stream. What a wonderful fairyland it is! 

It is the best place for fantasts to create a novel, and prosers can’t help writing all the time. Poets are enchanted by the charm of Yueliangtian and linger there.

Best season: April to June

Best time: at dusk

Shuipingzi Terraced Fields of Dongchuan Red Land, Kunming