Damakan Village of Dongchuan Red Land, Kunming

Plan your Kunming Ethnic Villages Tour to Kunming? Visit Damakan Village in Dongchuan District, Kunming which is one of the most fascinating ethnic villages in Kunming. Explore the local folk ethnic culture including History, Food and Dining, Clothing, Customs and Traditions, Architecture, Festivals, Crafts, Religion, Language of local ethnic people in Damakan Village in Dongchuan District, Kunming.

Damakan, a viewpoint away from 190m away from Kunming center, is one of the photographers’ favourites. People of the small village In a hundred mile get busy with breakfast and the smoke rises from the farm-houses. As the farmers starts their working day, the photographers’ morning shift is almost over.

After lunch, it is time for another shoot as the light turns warmer and the fields become colorful in the sunlight.
It presents different colors at different plots in the different seasons. Industrious farmers cultivate and harvest the crops. the best time for photography of the red land in Damakan is from September to December. It’s a harvest time of rape, potato, buckwheat. The winter wheat sprouts, and the leaves of poplars at the side of road, near the village, in the forest turn to be yellow. From May to June, the rape flower blooms and the wheat ripens. They are all appropriate and colorful season for visiting.Damakan-of-Dongchuan-Red-Land-Kunming-09
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