Dongchuan Red Land Shopping

Dongchuan is rich in natural resource and land resources, so it has nurtured many unique specialty products. We will tell you detailed information about Dongchuan local products.

What to Buy in Dongchuan?

1. Flame-grass Coat

A custom prevails among the Yi boys in Dongchuan, who wish to wear a flame-grass coat that shows their diligence and wisdom during the holidays or when visiting relatives and friends.

2. Dongchuan Potatoes

Speaking of potatoes, commonly known as "Dongchuan potatoes" in the past. Because in the territory of Dongchuan, there has been found lots of gold mines, resulting in Dongchuan become a place to looking for gold rush, the world looking for gold industry barometer, which was Higashikawa Ooyo dipping, one not careful you may eat gold, therefore commonly known as the" golden potato ", the practice of a variety of, fried potato chips and burnt potato is to eat the most conventional.

Where to Buy in Dongchuan?

There are lots of shopping malls, specialty markets and stores in Dongchuan. We select some shops with good quality and reasonable price for tourists.

1. Dongchuan Tongbao Specialty (东川通宝特产)
    Address: In the junction of Chunxiao Road and Biyun Street

2. Dongchuan Baotong Specialty (东川宝通特产)
    Address: No.14, Chunxiao Road 
    Telephone: 13888579848

3. Dingyu Shopping Center (鼎裕购物中心)
    Address: In the junction of Xingyu Road and Yanshan Road
    Telephone: 0878-62157668

4. Baiyuan Shopping Center (百苑购物中心)
     Address: No.3, Baiyun Street and Wulong Town
     Telephone: 0878-62169101

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