Dongchuan Red Land Overview

1. Basic Information

●Chinese Name:东川红土地

●Key Words:God's palette

●Altitude:1,800–2,600 meters

●Opening Time: the whole day

●Recommended Visiting Time: 1 or 2 days

2. Geographic Conditions of Dongchuan Red Land

Red Earth is a kind of low yield barren soil, mainly because of human and natural weather factors accelerated "red soil desertification". Due to much people and less land, excessive development, deforestation, combined with the characteristics of the soil itself, the soil productivity of red soil area reduced and soil erosion is serious. Severe degradation happens in many regions, forming the "red desertification". Steep slope land reclamation or excessive reclamation, or destroying forest for reclamation, destruction of surface vegetation leads to soil erosion and land degradation. In addition, in the southern mountain area hills, soil erosion is serious and the harm is greater than the loess plateau that the rocky exposed can not be recovered and forms a "red desert".

3. What to See in Dongchuan Red Land

Sunset Valley(Luoxiagou 落霞沟):Surrounded by mountains, Luoxiagou looks like a sunken depression from a distance. Traditional local villages adorn the colorful fields.

The 'Hit Horse Hole' Sunrise(Damakan 打马坎):A large spread of red fields are in the arms of continuous mountains at the skyline.

The 'Tiled House Bridge' Sunset(Wafang Liangzi 瓦房梁子):the best place to see a sunset with Dongchuan's red fields.

River Snail Bay (Luosiwan 螺蛳湾)the first beautiful red field stop on the way to Dongchuan.

North River Village(Beihecun 北河村):an untouched village set with a background of a red field hill

Dongchuan Red Land

           Sunset Valley 

Dongchuan Red Land

                        The 'Hit Horse Hole' Sunrise

Dongchuan Red Land

                        The 'Tiled House Bridge' Sunset

4. The Best Time to Visit Dongchuan Red Land 

●May to June

Photographers can capture strongly red fields just after ploughing and before the crops grow, and farming photos. Potato flowers opens in the summer and golden wheat decorates the red fields. With various crop colors, red earth, and blue sky, it's one of the best times to get blood red field photos.

●September to November

Autumn is another wonderful season to photo the red fields. Some fields will be turned over for new crops, and there are large expanses of highland barley and wheat. Yunnan's unique white cole flowers make the fields more colorful. This is another good time you should not miss.

5. Transport inside Dongchuan Red Land

There are no shuttle buses in the Dongchuan Red Land(Earth). Private transport needs to be used in the Red Land because it's big. Luoxiagou and Damakan are around 40 minutes from the hotel. Other attractions are around 10 minutes' drive away.

6. Dongchuan Language

Dongchuan Red Land(Red Earth) is still undeveloped for foreign travelers. Local people can't speak English at all. It's a minority area, where their Mandarin is not so good either. To hire an English-speaking driver is extremely difficult. We arrange an experienced local driver and an English-speaking guide for your tour.

7. Culture

Tangdan Town in Dongchuan District is the main production area of Dongchuan Copper Mine and the seat of Dongchuan Mining Bureau. It has a long history of copper mining and is a veritable "hometown of Qianwang" and "the first town of Dian bronze”. In the course of more than two thousand years of copper mining history, it has gradually formed “Tongshan Spirit”, which is hard working, dedicated, United and tolerant.

8. Economy

In 2010, Dongchuan's GDP was 4.657 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 27.70.The per capita GDP reached 16485 yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 27.6 yuan.

9. Tourism

Dongchuan is rich in tourist resources. Dongchuan enjoys natural attractions left in different periods, such as Dongchuan Red Land, Dagu Niuzhai Mountain, Guniushan Mountain and Xiaojiang Mudslide Wonder.