Dongchuan Red Land Transportation

Many means of transportation are available in Dongchuan. We will provide tourists with detailed information about how to get in and get around Dongchuan.

How to Get in Dongchuan Red Land? 

By Air

There are no airports in  now, so we recommend tourists to get here in other ways. 

By Long-distance Bus from Kunming

This route is priority for you, because it’s a direct line from Kunming to Red land.

Rout 1: Kunming- Dongchuan Red Land

Take one of the daily two shuttle buses from Kunming to Fazhe (法者) . The bus passes by Dongchuan Red Land. When you arrive there, you can get off the bus. The bus departs from Kunming North Bus Station at 7:50am or 8:50am, a 4-hour one-way bus ride.

Route 2: Kunming-Dongchuan-Fazhe (red land)

If you miss the direct line from Kunming to Fazhe, this route is for your option. Firstly take the bus from Kunming North Bus Station ( 昆明市北部客运站 ) to Dongchuan District. You can depart from either Dongju Bus Station(东菊汽车客运站)or Nanyao Bus Station(南窑客运站) in Kunming. The bus sets off from both stations every 20 minutes from 07:00 to19:00 daily. The bus fare is about CNY45 per person. Then take the bus to Fazhe (法者)at Dongchuan District Bus Station(东川区客运站). The bus stops at some main attractions of Dongchuan Red Land, such as Huagou (花沟) and Hua Shi Tou (花石头), ect. However, the bus is limited. It departs only at 08:00 or 12:50. The bus fare is about CNY25 per person. Alternatively, you may take or share a taxi from Dongchuan to the Red Earth, about 150 yuan per taxi. For a return trip, you may take the bus or taxi back to Dongchuan, then continue your bus ride to Kunming.

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If you are self-driving tourist, you will arrive in Kunming first Whichever way you go. Then you could drive along Kunming-Qujing Highway, then drive along Kunming-Songming Highway, Songming-Daibu Town Highway, then exit from Longtan Exit (龙潭出口) and drive to Dingchuan District and head to the Red Earth Scenic Area.