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Yunnan Coffee Travel is right for those who are full of enthusiasm about coffee and love to try coffee everywhere. Yunnan has long been known for growing high-quality black tea. But in the past few years, traders, roasters, cafe owners and connoisseurs are discovering that Yunnan is also a source of coffee beans noted for their sweet flavor. Growing affluence and a young market attuned to Western trends have created a cafe culture in what was once a predominantly tea-drinking country. In terms of Chinese Coffee, it mainly refers to Yunnan Coffee. The Yunnan coffee planting area is mainly distributed in Pu’er, Xishuangbanna, Wenshan, Baoshan and Dehong in south and southwest of Yunnan. The number of coffee drinkers in China is growing rapidly every day, especially among the younger generation. Simao Coffee, also known as Puer Coffee has the unique fragrance, which is favored by many people. 

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