Travel blogs related to religions in Yunnan include the travel experiences to mosques, monasteries, temples and famous religious mountains in Yunnan, like Jizu Mountain, Chongsheng Monastery, Shadian Grand Mosque and Ganden Sumtseling Monastery. Yunnan is a religious resort well known in China as well as an important place where many world religions gather. Many religions are widely distributed in Yunnan, including Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Islamism as well as the Dongba Religion, Benzhu Religion and other minority primitive religions. Take the Yunnan muslim tour for example, our Yunnan Muslim Tours will help travelers to get around the most well-known Muslim sites, like Nancheng Mosque, Huize Mosque and Donglianhua Mosque, in Yunnan and share their knowledge of Islam, dinning features and other aspects of Muslim culture.

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