Tropical Rainforest

Tropical rainforest in Yunnan is mainly distributed in the southmost Yunnan province, that is, Xishuangbannan. Part is in Ruili of Dehong prefecture, like Moli Tropical Rainforest. Xishuangbanna is famous for its mysterious tropical rainforest and minority customs. The dense and complicated primeval forests has nurtured the diverse boi-ecological system. Top rain forest includes Xishuangbanna Menglun Tropical Botanical GardenXishuangbanna Primeval Forest ParkWangTianShu Scenic Spot and Wild Elephant Valley, etc. Among the scenic rainforests, you can start your cycling tour, hiking tour and tea culture tour, through which you can discover the minorities of Dai, Bulang and Jinuo, taste tea at minority villages and learn more about the Chinese Pu’er tea culture, to enjoy the tropical scenery better. 

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