Minority Culture

Yunnan minority culture travel blogs are shared by customers of Yunnan Exploration, share their travel experiences of minorities discovery and deliver the information about minorities and their cultures in Yunnan. Yunnan is featuring 25 minorities and various minority festivals. Yi culture in Shilin and Chuxiong, Hani culture in Yuanyang, Bai culture in Dali, Naxi culture in Lijiang, Tibetan culture in Shangri-la and Dai culture in Xishuangbanna, Zhuang culture in Puzhehei are representative minority cultures in Yunnan. Our Yunnan Ethnic Festival Tours offer unique and exciting experiences of ethnic customs with more than 400 ethnic festivals celebrated throughout the year, such as Torch FestivalMunao Zongge FestivalWater Splashing FestivalLong Street Banquet Festival , etc. Come and discover the minority cultures in Yunnan. 

Travel Blogs on Yunnan Minority Culture

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