Trans-Asia Railway

Trans-Asia railway is actually a railway network connecting some Asian  countries like China, Myangmar, Vietnam and Thailand. Yunnan province is also expanding the provincial rail network to neighboring Southeast Asian countries. In the east, the Yuxi-Mengzi Railway (141 kilometers) is under construction since 2005, and the Mengzi-Hekou Railway (140 kilometers) started to construct in 2008 and completed in 2014, forming a standard gauge railway connection with Vietnam. In the west, the Dali-Ruili Railway (336.387 kilometers) began to construct in May 2011, and is expected to extend rail service to the border with Myanmar. In the center, a rail line from Yuxi to Mohan, Xishuangbanna, on the border with Laos, is under planning. This line could be extended further south to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Once these railways are completed and open to traffic, transportation in Yunnan will be more convenient. At that time, more and more tourists will travel to Yunnan by rail. 

Travel Experience Along Trans-Asia Railway

In Yunnan, there are quite a lot sceneries you can enjoy along the railways like Kunming-Lijiang railway and Yuxi-Mohan railway. In the future, when the railway is completed, more attractions in Yunnan will be easier to reach.