Mengba Naxi Rare Park in Mangshi City, Dehong

Why is Mengba Naxi Rare Park So Special

Mengba Naxi Rare Park holds four of best records among all parks of China: 

  • The biggest number as well as the oldest of rare trees of the country;
  • The highest survival rate of transplanted trees as well as the nation’s biggest number of transplanted trees;
  • The best quality and largest collections of rocks, tree fossils and rare jade looking tree specifications; 
  • The best and highest grade of the collections of the large-scale modeling carved roots.

Where is Mengba Naxi Rare Park

It is located in Xianchi Road, Mangshi City, Dehong Jingpo and Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

How to Get to Mengba Naxi Rare Park

After arriving in Mangshi City, it is very convenient to get to Mengba Naxi Rare Park by taxi or walking.

Introduction of Mengba Naxi Rare Park

Mengba Naxi Rare Park is at the national AAAA state-level. “Mengba Naxi” in Dai language means “a magical, beautiful and fertile place,” which is just the legendary “heaven.” Situated in Xianchi Road in Mangshi City, the park covers an area of 618 mu, and was built in 2001. It is an ecological park that boasts rare ancient trees, plants and rocks. There are poems to praise it saying that “Ancient trees and rare flowers are planted in the park. There is no parallel with such beautiful scenery, and for such beauty, there is no need to visit a fairyland.” Another poem says that “the universe is full of myths. Stones in the park show its understanding of the nature, and the extraordinary workmanship of nature creates miracles.” 

Mengba Naxi Rare Park holds four of the best records among all parks of China: the largest number of hundred-year ancient trees (over 500); the best quality and largest collections of rocks, tree fossils and rare jades (over 1,000 tons), which is the biggest scale in china and even in the world; the best and highest grade of the collections of large-scale modeling carved roots among the whole country; the biggest number (over 500) of and the highest survival rate (96%) of large (ancient) transplanted trees, setting a historic record among Chinese modern gardens. The park also has rare flowers, trees and rocks such as thousand-year osmanthus, thousand-year crape myrtles, thousand-year boxwood, 600-year banyan trees, 500-year frangipani, 300-year bougainvillea, as well as other ancient trees and super large delicate root sculptures.

Best Time to Go

Mengba Naxi Rare Park in Mangshi City, Dehong

It is suitable to visit Mengba Naxi Rare Park all year round. Every seaon has its unique beauty. Whenever you come here, you will have different feeling.

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