Mangshi Accommodation

Mangshi City is the capital of Dehong. The hotels and resorts here offer the nice environment, complete facilities and comprehensive services. Here we list some hotels for you.

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Five-star Hotels

Huafeng Peacock Lake Hotel & Resort



No.66 of Xianchi Road, Peacock Lack, Mangshi City



Mangshi Peacock Lake Resort opens the journey of the oxygen forest which provides the nice environment for you. It is the bridge of the city and nature. It give you both the natural beauty and luxury facility.

Mangshi Hotel

( 芒市宾馆)

No.1 Puti Street (Puti Jie), Mangshi City  




It is located in the city center of Mangshi and surrounded by attractions China-Myanmar Friendship Tree, Puti Temple.

The hotel has a history of more than 60 years and has received former Premier Zhou Enlai and other national leaders. The hotel will provide you with high-quality comprehensive services for your meetings, business, leisure and holiday.

Four-star Hotels

Fortune Hotel (芒市财富大酒店)

No.11 Menghuan Road , the joint of Tuanjie Street and Menghuan Road, Mangshi City



It is located in the center of the Mangshi City which enjoys the convenient traffic. All kings of shops are around. It provides comprehensive services.

Mangshi Dabo Hotel(芒市达柏酒店)

No.87 Mangshi Street, Mangshi City



It is located on Mangshi Street, opposite of Mangshi Square. It has more than 100 unique rooms. You can enjoy a range of services.

Mangshi Jincong Hotel (芒市金丛大酒店)

No.20 Renbao Road, Mangshi City



The hotel is decorated with Dehong local characteristic. The location is superior and the room type is better. It is 10 minutes driving to the airport.

Three-star Hotels

Mangshi Shuncheng Hot Spring Resort Hotel (芒市顺成温泉度假酒店)

249 Tuanjie Street , Mangshi City



Hotel is close to the Airport Avenue and Mangshi Airport.  The transportation is very convenient. The customers can enjoy the hot spring of hotel.

 Mangshi Banghe Hotel (芒市邦禾酒店 )

6A-2 Fengqingyuan, Renbao Road, Mangshi City


Banghe Hotel is a 7-minute drive from the airport. The hotel is opposite the Chinese and Western specialty bar street. Banghe Hotel is decorated according to the standards of star-rated hotels. The rooms are decorated with exquisite facilities and high-end equipment.

Mangshi Huangjia Hotel  (芒市皇佳大酒店)

No.88 Baixiang Street, Mangshi City



Hotel provides exquisite decoration and comprehensive services. Customers can have the pleasant experience here.

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