Mangshi Festivals and Events

Festivals and activities of Mangshi indicate the minority tradition, religion belief and life styles. If you visit Mangshi, do not miss them.


Water Splashing Festival 泼水节

It is the traditional festival of Dai and De’ang ethnic minority. During this time, people splash water to each other to show wishes and get rid of the bad things last year.

Munaozongge Festival 目瑙纵歌节

Munaozongge means that everyone dances together in Jingpo language. It is the grandest festival of Jingpo ethnic minority to sacrifice and commemorate their hero.


Kuoshi Festival 阔时节

Kuoshi Festival is the traditional festival of Lisu ethnic minority which means the festival of singing and dancing in the new year.


Aluwoluo Festival 阿露窝罗节

Aluwoluo Festival is the most important festival of Achang ethnic minority, deriving from ancient religious ceremony.



Dragon-boat Racing 赛龙舟

Mangshi will hold Dragon-boat Racing in Peacock Lake during the Water Splashing Festival holiday and the teams are from different villages.

Night of Mangshi Jewelry Town 珠宝小镇之夜

There are fantastic show of ethnic singers and dancers and travelers can take part in the group dancing.



Popular Ethnic Bars

Ethnic Minorities have a crash on dancing and singing. They make friends through drinking together. Local ethnic bars represent their wine culture and their habits, like 008 Bar and Xiaomi Bar.