Mangshi Shopping

Dehong enjoys nice climate for the tropical fruits, so there are many kinds of tropical fruits. Dai ethnic minority follows the traditions and carries on the bamboo wares and brocade skills. Currently, some Dai ethnic villages of Mangshi have become producers of bamboo wares.

What to Buy

1.Zhengfang Rice 遮放贡米
Zhengfang rice is a special local product in Mangshi that is produced in Zhengfang Bason. It tastes fragrant and delicious, and it’s soft and sticky and nutrient because of the special whether conditions. It had been a tribute from Mangshi to the king in every dynasties in the history. You can find it in some stores that sell rice.

2.Dai Brocade 傣锦
Dai Brocade is a traditional handicraft art product. It has very strong Dai minority style and some new styles that are suitable for people from different places. It uses spun yarn and bamboo to weave. It has very long history and is unique and exquisite. What’s more, specification and style are customized.


3.Jade and stone 玉石
Mangshi has some jades and stones wholesale market. Because it’s closed to Burma where has rich jade and stone resource, its jade and stone are very cheap, and beautiful. 


4.Mangshi Dai Ethnic Bamboo Wares 

Smartly, locals of Mangshi exploit the advantaged bamboo resource for a craft they can survive on: making bamboo wares. Houses of the Dai, drinking vessels of the Jingpo, bowls of the Achang, gourd-flute of the De'ang, and buccal reed of the Lisu, all can find their materials in bamboos. But the Dai bamboo wares can be the most outstanding since they appear to be exquisite, practical and popular, incarnating the strong local flavor of Mangshi.      



5. Tropical Fruits

There are diverse popular tropical fruits which have good taste in Mangshi, like mango, jackfruit, pineapple etc.

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