Mangshi Travel Tips

Where To Stay

1.Huafeng Peacock Lake Hotel & Resort芒市华丰孔雀湖度假酒店

2.Mangshi Hotel 芒市宾馆

3.Fortune Hotel 芒市财富大酒店

4.Mangshi Dabo Hotel 芒市达柏酒店

5.Mangshi Jincong Hotel 芒市金丛大酒店

6.Mangshi Shuncheng Hot Spring Resort Hotel 芒市顺成温泉度假酒店

7.Mangshi Banghe Hotel 芒市邦禾酒店

8.Mangshi Huangjia Hotel芒市皇佳大酒店

Things to Do


1.Water Splashing Festival

Time: Gregorian calendar April 12-14

2.Munaozongge Festival    

Time: The fifteenth and sixteenth day of the first lunar month.

3.Kuoshi Festival   

Time: The ninth day of the first lunar month.

4.Aluwoluo Festival

Time:Gregorian calendar March 20


 Menghuan Golden Pagoda

 Menghuan Silver Pagoda

Sanxian Cave

Peacock Lake

 Mengbanaxi Rare Park.


Best Time to Visit

 Plenty of rainfall and the high temperature are in summer. The best time to visit Mangshi is October to April of following year.


Dressing Tips

Yingjiang temperature changes greatly from day to night. Travelers should take the coats. Ultraviolet ray is very strong, the weather is changeable, umbrella and sun hat should be with you, and girls don't forget to bring sunscreen.

 Useful Number

  •    Fire: 119            
  •    Police: 110          
  •    Ambulance: 120
  •    Zip Code: 678400
  •    Dailing Code: 0692

Post Offices And Hospitals

 1.China Post (Dehong Post Office)中国邮政(德宏州邮政局)

Address: No.136 Tuanjie Street, Mangshi city

Tel: 0692-2121860

2.Mangshi Post Office芒市邮政局

Address: No.54 Wenbang Street, Mangshi City

3.Mangshi People's Hospital芒市人民医院

Address:No. 75, Koushi Road, Mangshi

Tel: 0692-2122460

4.Dehong People's Hospital德宏州人民医院

Address:No.13 Yonghan Street, Mangshi

Tel: 0692-2121798

Safety Precautions

1.Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.

2.Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.

3.Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.