Mopanshan National Forest Park in Xinping County, Yuxi

Why is Mopanshan National Forest Park So Special?

Mopanshan National Forest Park in Xinping County, Yuxi

Mopanshan national forest park磨盘山国家森林公园, named for its shape like a millstone, has a variety of flowers opening all year round. Especially a variety of azalea, alpine meadows, forests and lakes, vast clouds and sea and precious animals which constitute the park’s unique landscape. It is one of the boutique scenic spots in Xinping.

In spring, the mountain flowers blossom one after another, forming a brilliant “flower sea” spectacular. In summer, the shade of the tree and the green mountains are reflected in the lake and the green waves are glittering, forming the scenery of “people in the painting, mountains in the water”. In autumn, red, yellow and green leaves are dotted the mountains and forest. In Winter, mountain are in the mist, you can see the fog spectacle.  The main landscapes include more than 50 scenic spots such as forest lake, moon lake, cliff valley, observation platform, enemy mountain, sea of azalea flowers, camellia forest, etc. Mopanshan National Forest Park is dominated by subtropical forest natural landscape. In the forest park, you can not only get sufficient visual enjoyment, but also can relieve the brain fatigue and cultivate the mind, because of the abundant oxygen ion content in the scenic area.

Where is Mopanshan National Forest Park?

Located in the southeast of Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County, Yuxi, Yunnan Province, Mopanshan mountain national forest park is located at the southern edge of Yunnan plateau, Ailao mountain, about 215 kilometers from Kunming city, and 20 kilometers from Xinping county. Approved by the ministry of forestry in 1989, the planning design was completed in May 1993. The park covers an area of 75 square kilometers, 1260 meters to 2614 meters above sea level. Annual average temperature is of 15 ℃, warm all the year round . The park’s forest coverage rate is 94 percent, including large areas of pine coniferous forest.

Nearby Attractions

1. Ailao Mountain Nature Reserve哀牢山自然保护区

Ailao mountain, with an area of 50,660 hectares, is located at the junction of the five counties in Yunnan province, including Xinping County. Established in 1986 with the approval of the people’s government of Yunnan province, and promoted to national level in 1988, the main protected objects are evergreen broad-leaved forest and wildlife.

2. Tea-horse Ancient Road Tea-horse Ancient Road Scenic Spot is located at the heart of Ailao mountain, Qianjiazhai Village千家寨. There are historical sites like “Ma Ta Shi Chuan(马踏石穿)”, “Qianjiazhai Village Walls(千家寨寨墙)”, “Iron-fining Furnace” and so on. On this ancient road, there are rough Yi minority, graceful Huayao Dai minority, unrestrained Hani minority and enthusiastic Wa minority.

3. Guzhou Wild Forest古州野林

Xinping is located at the eastern foot of Ailao Mountain, which is rich in tourism resources, with the characteristics of natural scenery “Grand, Beautiful, Precipitous”. Guzhou wild forest has more than 300 species of higher plants, and so far has 700 years of original forest history. Guzhou wild forest is a kind of feng-shui forest, which is closer to the town than the same altitude area and has a larger continuous area. It is a famous original forest scenic spot with intact mixed coniferous broad leaved forest. There are dense forests, huge ancient trees, thick mosses and old vines in the scenic area

4. Chu Orange Manor褚橙庄园

Chu orange manor is divided into five parts, guesthouse area, farm stay area, ecological breeding area, leisure fishing area and fruit garden. Relying on Chu orange manor, an ecological tourist attraction integrating cultural display, conference reception, tourism training and leisure sightseeing is built here.

Mopanshan National Forest Park in Xinping County, Yuxi

Best Time to Visit

Tour is suitable all-year-round, but the best time to sightsee is from July to October.

How to Get There

There are 6 non-stop buses a day from Kunming to Xinping County. Then you can take a taxi or tourist bus at Xingping Bus Terminal to Mopanshan National Forest Park.

Kunming-Xinping County

Departure Time: 8:30, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:10, 16:30

Ticket Price: 73 CNY

Distance: About 180 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

Accommodation at Mopanshan National Forest Park

Here are several recommended hotels in Xinping County.

1. Shiguang Xiaozhu(Golden Time) Hotel新平时光小筑酒店

Address: Jiaxia Avenue, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪新平县戛洒镇戛洒大道

Tel: 18887730188

Starting Price: 115 CNY

2. Nature Outdoor Villa新平大自然户外农庄

Address: Daha Liangzi, Daha Village, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪新平县戛洒镇达哈村达哈梁子

Tel: 15758024198

Starting Price: 93 CNY

3. Xinping Ailao Mountain Hotel新平哀牢山酒店

Address: The Middle of Jiasa Avenue, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪市新平县戛洒镇戛洒大道中段

Tel: 0877-7393878

Starting Price: 111 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

Mopanshan National Forest Park in Xinping County, Yuxi

1. High altitude area in Xinping County, the temperature difference is large. You are supposed take coats to prevent a cold because of the large temperature difference from daytime to night.

2. Mountain area is prone to natural disasters, so try not to go out in heavy rain. 

3. Ultraviolet rays are strong on sunny days, so protect yourself from the sun.