Kunming Shopping

Kunming shooping will bring you some information about what to buy and where to buy in Kunming. Kunming has many local specialties. The interaction of different cultures, religions as well as rich and colorful lifestyles provides tourists with many shopping choices in Kunming. Kunming is an ideal place to find local products and souvenirs on your trip to Yunnan. It is famous for its local handicrafts, including ivory and wood carvings, Dai brocade and Dai bamboo basketry.

What to Buy in Kunming

Yunnan has a pleasant climate and abundant products. Due to the large number of ethnic minorities, the handicrafts of various ethnic groups here are very exquisite and a good choice as souvenirs. Of course, the food here can not be missed. Flower cakes and Moodly have become the representatives of snacks in Yunnan. In addition, various kinds of ham, coffee and tea are usually the must-buy specialties for domestic tourists.

Yunnan Flower Cake

Flower cake is a special Yunnan snack made of edible roses. It is one of the representatives of Yunnan classic dim sum, characterized by flower flavor. Most of the local bakery shops in Yunnan sell flower cakes, among which Jiahua Cake House is the most famous.

Xuanwei Ham

Xuanwei ham is one of the famous specialties in Yunnan province, which is as famous as Jinhua ham in Zhejiang province. Xuanwei ham is shaped like pipa, with strong aroma and bright color, which was praised by Dr. Sun yat-sen. Its quality is good enough to represent Yunnan ham, so Xuanwei ham is often called "Yunnan ham". Generally, you can usually find them in supermarkets and Yunnan specialty shops.


Moodly is a famous brand of tamarind pulp cake in Yunnan province, which is a popular snack for locals and tourists alike. It is usually packed in a small bag, and the taste is sour and sweet. In addition to the tamarind pulp, there are many other flavors, such as the wild jujube and the passion fruit, but the most classic one is still tamarind pulp cake.


Yunnan is the birthplace of tea trees. Pu'er tea and Shangguan Tuo tea enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. The ethnic minorities in Yunnan also have different tea drinking cultures. Yunnan is the sea of flowers, so Yunnan flower tea is also commonly seen. Some supermarkets and tea market sells a variety of tea, and the price is not high.

Batik Article

Batik is a folk handicraft of manual dyeing and printing, popular in minority areas of Yunnan province. The batik fabric integrates the culture of minority ethnic groups in Yunnan province, with unique and novel patterns. The price of a piece of batik cloth is about 30 yuan, which is sold in most shopping malls in Kunming.

Where to Buy in Kunming

The main commercial areas in Kunming include Kunming square, Shunyi shopping center, Zhengyi archway(正义坊), Nanping street and Qianwang street(钱王街).

Popular Commercial Streets

Nanping street, Zhengyi road, Xiaoximen and other places are famous commercial streets in Kunming, and also the first choice for local people to shop.

Nanping Pedestrian Street

In kunming, Nanping pedestrian street is one of the most prosperous places. In the surrounding areas, there are Baisheng square, Jinying shopping center (Qingnian road), Wangfujing (formerly Shuncheng street), New Parkson(small garden section of Renmin middle road) and various brand stores along the pedestrian street, as well as many shops on Qingnian road.

Supermarkets in Kunming

  • Carrefour(家乐福)
    Address: No.88, Nanping Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区南屏街88号
    Tel: 0871-63628067/0871-63615344
  • Carrefour(家乐福)
    Address: The Intersection of Huancheng East Road and Bailong Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区环城东路与白龙路交叉口
    Tel: 0871-68163375/0871-68163381
  • Carrefour(家乐福)
    Address: No.569, Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区滇池路569号
    Tel: 0871-68159451/0871-68159457
  • Walmart(沃尔玛)
    Address: Grand View Commercial City, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区大观商业城
    Tel: 0871-65386208/0871-65386840
  • Walmart(沃尔玛)
    Address: No.289, Chuncheng Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区春城路289号
    Tel: 0871-63573470/0871-63573471
  • C FOOD & CO.(喜玛特)
    Address: No.126, Xiyuan Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区西园路126号
    Tel: 0871-63107975

Popular Flower Markets

Normally, tourists rarely take a walk to the flower market when they are traveling, but in Kunming, it seems to be a small tradition. Because of the title of "spring city", many tourists visit the flower markets to admire the beauty of flowers when they have time.

Popular Tea Markets

Yunnan is the birthplace of tea trees. Pu'er tea enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. Naturally, there are many tea markets in Kunming. You can buy tea in the grand view commercial street, as well as various supermarkets and tea markets.