Chinese Tea Art Training in Rutsan Organic Tea House (Kunming)

Become a Tea Master after learning our tea courses in Rutsan Organic Tea House (如灿国际茶馆) .Learn Chinese tea culture, tea categories including Puerh Tea and Dianhong Black Tea, experience the sophisticated art of Chinese tea,each course provides hands-on training and tea tasting. We will help you choosing the right tea career and enjoy the tea life with us.

Make your time count and join us for the amazing class of Chinese Tea Art workshop, the best gift from China.

This workshop is the essence of Chinese Tea Art, targets on Yunnan teas, will introduce other Chinese teas as well. and divided into four parts:

1. History

2. Six basic types of teas(green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, dark tea, and yellow tea), including its features, processings and brewing skills, tasting&evaluation
3. Pu-erh Tea, including origins, terroir, processing, evaluation&tasting, brewing skills
4. The practice of tea ceremony.
5. Learn how to make Puerh tea cake with traditional way.

1. 茶叶历史

2. 六大基本茶类(绿茶、红茶、白茶、黄茶、乌龙茶和黑茶),介绍其品鉴特点,工艺和冲泡技巧
3. 普洱茶,包括产地、风土、工艺特点、品鉴和冲泡技巧等。
4. 茶艺茶道练习

This workshop is in English, suitable for both foreign and Chinese tea lovers.


A graduate diploma awards your scholarly ability, and vocational training enables your practical skills, however, Chinese tea art is beyond both. It will please your whole life and give a bonus to your future career. A cup of Chinese tea is a cup of humanity, is a cup of Chinese culture about history, geography, wisdom, philosophy, etiquette, human relationships, life aesthetics, folk customs, and health care.

If you love tea and Chinese culture, if you happen to visit Kunming, please join us.

It is a paid workshop, here is the tuition fee:
1 person: 300 RMB
2-5 person: 200RMB/ person
6 -12 person: 1000 RMB + 100RMB*(N-5)  (N means the number of participants)
English Address: 2nd Floor of Fulintang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, Rixinzhonglu Road, Xishan District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Chinese Address:中国云南昆明市西山区日新中路德赢华府旁福林堂中医馆二楼如灿国际茶馆