Kunming Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience in Kunming, there are some useful Kunming travel tips which may be helpful for your Kunming tour. When plan your trip to Kunming, view our answers to questions about Kunming travel to get better understanding of Kunming Yunnan.

Useful Numbers

Here below are some useful telephone numbers in Kunming and postcodes of Kunming for you to have a convenient Kunming tour.

China International country code number        0086
Kunming Area Code        0871
ambulance        120
Fire        119
Police        110
Telephone Information Enquiry        114
Traffic Accidents        122
Weather Report        12121, 96121
Kunming Tourism Complaints        0871-63164961
Yunnan Tourism Complaints        0871- 65275315
Yunnan First Aid Center        0871-68353820
Kunming Airport Inquiry        0871-7116114
Kunming Tourism Bureau        96927
Kunming Airport Ticket Service        0871-7112191
Kunming Railway Station Inquiry        12306
Kunming Railway Station Ticket Service        0871-95105105
Taxi Complaints        0871-5700672
EMS        11183
SF Express        95338

Postcodes of Each District and Counties in Kunming

Kunming City 650000
Wuhua District(五华区) 650032
Panlong District(盘龙区) 650051
Guandu District(官渡区) 650220
Xishan Distict(西山区) 650100
Chenggong District(呈贡区) 650500
Jinning District(晋宁区) 650600
Dongchuan District(东川区) 654100
Anning City(安宁市) 650300
Fumin County(富民县) 650400
Songming County(嵩明县) 651700
Yiliang County(宜良县) 652100
Shilin Yi Autonomous County(石林彝族自治县) 652200
Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County(寻甸回族彝族自治县) 655200
Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County(禄劝彝族苗族自治县) 651500

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Best Time to Visit Kunming

Flowers in Kunming bloom all the year round, and plants grow green in four seasons, therefore, all seasons are suitable for travel. But the best time to travel is from March to October, when there are most festivals celebrated by Yunnan's ethnic minorities and flowers are in full bloom. Kunming has the most beautiful scenery at this time. The Best Time to Visit Dongchuan Red Land in Kunming.

What to Pack

Kunming has a large temperature difference between day and night. There is a saying that "there are four seasons in a day". You should take thin clothes in spring and summer, and thick coat and sweater in autumn and winter. Those who are afraid of cold in winter can wear down jackets. Due to the high altitude, please protect yourself from strong ultraviolet ray by wearing sun hats, sun glasses and sunscreen. Kunming has a changeable weather, so umbrellas is needed in summer(June- August).

Other Tips

144-Hour Visa-Free Transit

Since January 1, 2019, 144-hour Visa-Free Transit was put into practice in Kunming to 53 countries in the world, including Austria, Belgium, America, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, etc. Compared with the previous implementation of the 72 hours visa-free transit policy, the time duration of the transit visa-free has doubled. Foreigners without a visa coming to Kunming will have more time for business meetings, travel and visiting friends and relatives.

Notes: Transit visa-free foreigners entering from Kunming can only travel within the administrative district of Kunming city and stay for 144 hours.

Kunming Food

Yunnan cuisine tastes similar to Sichuan food, with a strong emphasis on sour and hot dishes. Most notably, Yunnan people especially like to eat potatoes and fungi. Yunnan rice noodles and wild mushroom are two things you can not miss when you are in Kunming. In addition, the unique snacks of Yunnan ethnic minorities are also worth a try, such as Baojiang bean curd(包浆豆腐), Bai's Er Kuai, Baba, Papaya water and so on.

Kunming Shopping

Yunnan has a pleasant climate and abundant products. Due to the large number of ethnic minorities, the handicrafts of various ethnic groups here are very exquisite and a good choice as souvenirs. Of course, the food here can not be missed. Flower cakes and Moodly have become the representatives of snacks in Yunnan. In addition, various kinds of ham, coffee and tea are usually the must-buy specialties for domestic tourists. The main commercial areas in Kunming include Kunming square, Shunyi shopping center, Zhengyi archway(正义坊), Nanping street and Qianwang street(钱王街). More about Kunming Shopping.

Where to Stay in Kunming

Kunming is the provincial capital of Yunnan Province, famous for its pleasnat climate and beautiful scenery. As the gateway city of Yunnan province, the number of tourists to Kunming is increasing every year. Surely, for tourists to Kunming, accommodation is the most important part of their journey. Kunming have a wide range of hotels, which can receive a large number of tourists from home and abroad. Among so many Kunming hotels, you can choose to stay around scenic spots like Dianchi lake, Jinma Biji Archway, Stone Forest and Dongchuan Red Land for the convenience of sightseeing, or stay around railway station and bus station for easy going out. But if you go during May Day and National Day, the hotel prices in Kunming Jinma Biji Archway, Kunming railway station and other popular areas will rise. The most affordable beds are particularly popular, so it is best to book more than two weeks in advance.

Things to Do in Kunming

Kunming is one of the top ten tourist cities in China and the first batch of excellent tourist city in China. There are various types of famous tourist spots in Kunming, including ethnic villages, lake, geological lanscape, karst cave and flowers. The top sights are the Stone Forest and Dianchi lake.

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Cash machines are quite common in Kunming, so there's no need to worry about finding a bank. You can use cash and your passport to exchange for Chinese Yuan in every branch of Bank of China without fees charged. 17 kinds of currency are supported, such as English pound, US dollar, Singapore dollar, Euro and so on. And today, mobile payments (WeChat pay and Alipay pay) are available in most places of China, you can pay for almost everything with your mobile. Here below are some banks in Kunming.

  • Bank of China(Rixin Road Branch)中国银行日新路支行
    Address: No.632, Rixin Middle Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区日新中路632号
    Tel: 0871-64139710/0871-64332852
  • Bank of China(Dongfeng Branch)中国银行东风支行
    Address: No.18, Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区东风西路18号
    Tel: 0871-63612090/95566
  • Bank of China(Cuihu Branch)中国银行翠湖支行
    Address: No.69, Honghua Bridge, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区洪化桥69号
    Tel: 0871-65321778/0871-95566
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China中国工商银行
    Address: No.155-162, Baoshan Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区宝善街155-162号
    Tel: 95588
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China中国工商银行
    Address: No.1491, Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区滇池路1491号
    Tel: 0871-64329316
  • China Construction Bank中国建设银行
    Address: No.505, Beijing Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区北京路505号
    Tel: 0871-63191528

Post Offices

The postal code in Kunming city is 650000. There are China post, SF express, Yunda express and other express companies in the Kunming city, sending postcards and parcels is very convenient. The postage for sending postcards is 0.8 yuan per sheet.

  • China Post 中国邮局
    Address: Inside the Kunming Zoo, No.92, Qingnian Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区青年路92号昆明动物园内
  • China Post(Dongfeng Branch)中国邮局
    Address: No.14, Dongfeng East Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区东风东路14号
    Tel: 0871-63155805
  • China Post(Zhengyi Road Branch)中国邮局正义路支局
    Address: No.33-35, Zhengyi Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区正义路33-35号
    Tel: 0871-63662281/0871-63636524
  • World Express Mail Service全球邮政特快专递
    Address: No.150, Chuanjin Road, Panlopng District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区穿金路150号
    Tel: 11183
  • SF Express顺丰速运
    Address: No.3, Fuxing Garden, Yanhe Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区沿河路复兴花园3号
    Tel: 95338
  • SF Express顺丰速运
    Address: Bailong Temple, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区白龙寺
    Tel: 95338
  • SF Express顺丰速运
    Address: No.57, Taiyuan Road, Wuhua District, Knming City昆明市五华区泰源路57号
    Tel: 95338


There are many hospitals in Kunming, including people's hospital, military general hospital and the first affiliated hospital of kunming medical university, medical treatment is very convenient. In addition, there are also a lot of pharmacies in Kunming.

  • The First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province (云南省第一人民医院)
    Address: No.157, Jinbi Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区金碧路157号
    Tel: 0871-63639921/0871-63638048
  • The Second People's Hospital of Yunnan Province (云南省第二人民医院)
    Address: No.176, Qingnian Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区青年路176号
    Tel: 0871-65155677
  • The Third People's Hospital of Yunnan Province (云南省第三人民医院)
    Address: No.292, Beijing Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区北京路292号
    Tel: 0871-63192148/0871-63192008
  • Yunnan Provincial Armed Police Corps Hospital(武警云南省总队医院)
    Address: Gaohai Expressway, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区高海高速
    Tel: 0871-68411451
  • The First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University(昆明医科大学第一附属医院)
    Address: No.295, Xichang Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区西昌路295号
    Tel: 0871-65324888
  • Yunnan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine(云南省中医医院)
    Address: No.120, Guanghua Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区光华街120号
    Tel: 0871-63620626/0871-63635714
  • Kunming General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army(中国人民解放军昆明总医院)
    Address: No.212, Daguan Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区大观路212号
    Tel: 0871-64774999
  • Richland International Hospital Kunming(昆明瑞奇德医院)
    Address: Shangdu International Building, Extension line of Beijing Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区北京路延长线尚都国际大厦
    Tel: 0871-65741988