Nanping Pedestrian Street in Kunming


In the history of Kunming, Nanping Street is the old block and the historical commercial street. In old Kunming, Nanping Street was a collection of finance, commerce and entertainment center, maintaining the attraction of downtown district. The Nanping Business Street is the result of encouraging the development of commerce, culture and entertainment. During the Anti Japanese War, there were 48 financial organizations including the old blocks of Huguo Road and Jinbi Road. It was praised as the “Wall Street” of Kunming.

The History of Nanping Business Walking Street

During the War of Resistance against Japan, Nanping Street was the center. There were as many as 48 financial institutions in the blocks, including Huguo Road and Jinbi Road, known as “Wall Street” in Kunming. Nanping Street was renamed Dongfeng Road in 1965 and restored to Nanping Street in 1982.

What to Do in Nanping Business Walking Street?

Nanping Business Street in Kunming

Having a Walk in the Street

Nanping Business Street attracts not only local people, but more and more visitors all over the world. Having become the emerging landmark of Kunming, Nanping Business Street is absolutely a must see containing historically commercial culture and modern shopping surroundings.

Nanping Business Street was heavily reproduced to make the scenes of this old walking street beautiful. Combining some folk art statues to promote the historical and cultural charm of Kunming, the street is a combination of tradition and modern. While the old Nanping Street was known as the “Wall Street” in Kunming, today’s Nanping Shopping Street was praised a fame of “Southwest First Street”. Having a walk in this street, visitors will have a feel of the mixture of the Kunming’s history, culture and innovation.

Experience Shopping Tour

The Nanping Business Street shows visitors the modern and the fashionable of Kunming and Nanping Shopping Mall can be a mark of the fast development of Kunming. Walking in the street, visitors can see and have a select to the wares ranging from elaborate local handicrafts to the fashion stylish clothes.

Tasting Local Snacks

Nanping Business Street in Kunming

In addition to go shopping in Nanping Business Street, to have a taste of the local characteristic snack is a must-do in Kunming.

There is a snack center in the Nanping Business Street. Visitors can taste different types of food vary from Chinese northern food to Southeast Asia. The reasonable price makes it a good place for Chinese visitors to taste delicious food outside China and for the visitors from outside China to taste Kunming local food.

When the night screen has hung down, the real lively street bustling with noise and excitement will all present to the visitors. The colorful and lovely neon lights light up and cover the shopping centers around the walking street only. The barbecue culture in Kunming will come to life in the evening. Delicious and cheap roast meat skewers in the middle of the road.

There are lots of restaurants for visitors to choose from, including western fast food outlets, such as McDonald’s and KFC. It will be a good chance to get into the Kunming culture to try the Chinese barbecue near the fountain.

Nearby Attractions

After visiting the urban area of Kunming, visitors can get rid of the buildings and the crowding of the city and go to the scenic spots to enjoy the graceful sights. 

1.Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market in Kunming: Located at Yongdao Street (甬道街), Jingxing Flowers and . Birds Market was opened for business in 1983, gathering vendors selling flowers, birds, fish and so on, and finally became the biggest flowers and birds market in Kunming. Local people of the city, especially children getting pocket money during the Spring Festival, like wandering around this oldest flowers and birds market to buy the merchandise they like or shop with eyes only. 

2.Jinma Biji Archway: The Golden Horse Archway is in the east against the mountain with the same name as the archway; the Green Rooster Archway is in the west against the Green Chicken Mountain. Within a short distance of each other, the two archways are in the traditional archway styles. Together with another Loyalty Archway on the other side, these three archways shape a triangle of archway clusters. With their distinctive characteristics they present a spectacular view in the midst of surrounding downtown modern buildings.

3.Zhongaifang Archway: The Zhongai Archway or Archway of Loyalty and Love was solemnly standing in the downtown. It was built in early Yuan Dynasty (1280) in memory of Saiyid Ajall Shams Al-Din Umar (1211-1279), a famous Muslim politician of the early Yuan Dynasty, for his excellent administration and his great contribution to the social development and the pacification among the ethnic groups when he was in the office of the governor of Yunnan Province.

4.Yuantong Temple: Yuantong Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in Kunming with a history of more than 1200 years. It is also the largest temple in Kunming.

How to Get there?

By Bus

Take Bus No.3, 4, 90, 62 to Jinma Archway Station  then walk for five minutes to Nanping Business Walking Street.

By Subway

Take Subway Line 1 or 2, get off at Dongfeng Square Statin and walk for about 15 minutes to Nanping Business Walking Street.

Travel Tips

It is a nice place to go since many fashion shops, fancy shops, restaurants, and health clubs, pubs, pleasure grounds, supermarkets and sight-seeing minibuses cluster in the Golden Horse and Jade Cock Pedestrian Street.