Kunming Accommodation

Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province. Kunming accommodation conditions are very mature, with a variety of starred hotels, inns, guesthouses. There are a lot of accommodation options in Kunming, you had better choose to stay near the railway stations and bus stations due to its convenient transportation. But if you go during May Day and National Day, the hotel prices in Kunming Jinma Biji Archway, Kunming railway station and other popular areas will rise. The most affordable beds are particularly popular, and it is best to book more than two weeks in advance.

Recommended Hotels in Kunming

Some hotels in the downtown and near the famous scenic spots will be listed.

The 5-star Hotels in Kunming

  • Kai Wah Plaza Hotel(佳华广场酒店)
    Address: No.157, Beijing Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区北京路157号
    Tel: 0871-63562828/0871-10107777
  • Grand Park Kunming(昆明君乐酒店)
    Address: No.20, Honghua Bridge, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区洪化桥20号
    Tel: 0871-65386688
  • Empark Grand Hotel Kunming(昆明世纪金源大饭店)
    Address: No.1, Yingbin Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区迎宾路1号
    Tel: 0871-67388888
  • Green Land Hotel(昆明绿洲大酒店)
    Address: No.80, Tuodong Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区拓东路80号
    Tel: 0871-63189999
  • Green Lake Hotel(翠湖宾馆)
    Address: No.6, Cuihu South Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区翠湖南路6号
    Tel: 0871-65158888
  • Howard Johnson Tropical Garden Plaza Kunming(昆明南亚风情园豪生大酒店)
    Address: No.888, Chunrong Street, Chenggong District, Kunming City昆明市呈贡区春融街888号
    Tel: 0871-65918888/0871-67466761
  • Wyndham Kunming Resort(嘉丽泽温德姆酒店)
    Address: CITIC Jia Li Ze, Yanglin Town, Songming County, Kunming City昆明市嵩明县杨林镇中信嘉丽泽
    Tel: 0871-66048888

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The 4-star Hotels in Kunming

  • UChoice Hotel(希桥酒店)
    Address: No.1, Jiangbin West Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区江滨西路1号
    Tel: 0871-65116666/0871-63331689
  • Golden Spring Hotel(昆明金泉大酒店)
    Address: No.93, Renmin East Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区人民东路93号
    Tel: 0871-63192688
  • Jinjiang Hotel(昆明锦江大酒店)
    Address: No.98, Beijing Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区北京路98号
    Tel: 0871-63138888/13888767467/0871-63138862
  • New Era Hotel(新纪元大酒店)
    Address: No.1, Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区东风西路1号
    Tel: 0871-63624999
  • Longway Hotel(朗威酒店)
    Address: No.299, Chuncheng Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区春城路299号
    Tel: 0871-67123333/0871-67123002
  • Plateau Pearl Hotel(高原明珠大酒店)
    Address: No.288, Yongzhong Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区永中路288号
    Tel: 0871-67380888/0871-67380333
  • Economic Trade Hotel(经贸宾馆)
    Address: No.298, Qingnian Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区青年路298号
    Tel: 0871-63190888
  • Guandu Hotel(官渡大酒店)
    Address: No.282, Rixin Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区日新路282号
    Tel: 0871-67169988

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The 3-star Hotels in Kunming

  • Longteng Hotel(龙腾大酒店)
    Address: No.632, Beijing Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区北京路632号
    Tel: 0871-63168999
  • Lianhua Hotel(莲花宾馆)
    Address: No.143, Xuefu Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区学府路143号
    Tel: 0871-65134084/0871-65192108
  • Xingtie Hotel(兴铁宾馆)
    Address: No.327, Chuncheng Road, Guandu District, Kunming City昆明市官渡区春城路327号
    Tel: 0871-66128301/0871-66128321/18388085269
  • Daguan Hotel(昆明大观酒店)
    Address: No.232, Daguan Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区大观路232号
    Tel: 0871-65331138/0871-65336788
  • Gui Hua Hotel(桂花大酒店)
    Address: Guihua Building, No.56, Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区滇池路56号桂花大厦
    Tel: 0871-66178699
  • Fangzhou Hotel(方舟大酒店)
    Address: The Intersection of Dianchi Road and Second Ring South Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区滇池路与二环南路交汇处
    Tel: 0871-64101188
  • Spring City Garden Hotel(春城花园酒店)
    Address: No.449, Renmin West Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区人民西路449号
    Tel: 0871-66158888/0871-66107804
  • Haikun Hotel(海昆大酒店)
    Address: No.620, Beijing Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区北京路620号
    Tel: 0871-63016666/0871-63016880/0871-63016661

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Hotels Near the Stone Forest

  • Days Hotel & Suites Tongce Shilin(石林同策戴斯大酒店)
    Address: No.1, Ashima North Road, Shilin County, Kunming City昆明市石林彝族自治县阿诗玛北路1号
    Tel: 0871-67717878
  • Bosheng Holiday Hotel(石林铂晟假日大酒店)
    Address: Wushi Section, Shilin County, Kunming City昆明市石林彝族自治县五石段
    Tel: 0871-67733919
  • Yinruilin International Hotel(石林银瑞林国际大酒店)
    Address: Shilin East Road, Shilin County, Kunming City昆明市石林彝族自治县石林东路
    Tel: 0871-67736666/0871-67736868/18088325283
  • Yunlin Apartment Hotel(云林公寓酒店)
    Address: Jiayuan Residential Quarter, Stone Forest Scenic Area, Shilin County, Kunming City昆明市石林彝族自治县石林风景区佳园小区
    Tel: 0871-67710777/0871-67711408
  • Shilin Hotel(昆明石林大酒店)
    Address: No.2, Longquan Road, Shilin County, Kunming City昆明市石林彝族自治县龙泉路2号
    Tel: 0871-67794886/0871-67798888
  • Hotel City Comfort Inn(城市便捷酒店)
    Address: No.41, Dongmen Street, Shilin County, Kunming City昆明市石林彝族自治县东门街41号
    Tel: 0871-67782288/15912235670

Hotels in Dongchuan Red Land

  • Shanju Hotel(山居酒店)
    Address: Guo Di Tang, Huagou Village, Hongtudi Town, Dongchuan District, Kunming City昆明市东川区红土地镇花沟村锅底塘
    Tel: 13888182740/13759548967
  • Luoxiagou Spring and Autumn Hotel(红土地落霞沟春秋大酒店)
    Address: Luoxiagou Scenic Area, Xintian Township, Dongchuan District, Kunming City昆明市东川区新田乡落霞沟景区
    Tel: 13987076918
  • Hongtu Yingxiang Hotel(昆明红土映象宾馆)
    Address: Huagou Village, Hongtudi Town, Dongchuan District, Kunming City昆明市东川区红土地镇花沟村
    Tel: 0871-62728836
  • Hongcheng Sheying Inn(红成摄影客栈)
    Address: No.41, Hongtudi Scenic Area, County Road 035, Dongchuan District, Kunming City昆明市东川区035县道红土地景区41号
    Tel: 13888137715
  • Luositian Photography Inn(螺蛳田摄影客栈)
    Address: Huagou Village, Hongtudi Town, Dongchuan District, Kunming City昆明市东川区红土地镇花沟村
    Tel: 13658858938
  • Hongtu Qiufeng Inn(红土秋枫客栈)
    Address: No.15, Huashitou Village, Huagou Village, Hongtudi Town, Dongchuan District, Kunming City昆明市东川区红土地镇花沟村花石头小组15号
    Tel: 18388077498/13547159429
  • Hong Jing Xuan Hotel(红景轩酒店)
    Address: The 18th Building, Huashitou Model Tourism Village, Dongchuan District, Kunming City昆明市东川区花石头旅游示范村18栋
    Tel: 0871-62136031/13658875946
  • Caiyunxuan Theme Inn(昆明彩云轩主题客栈)
    Address: Huashitou Village, Dongchuan Red Land, Dongchuan District, Kunming City昆明市东川区东川红土地花石头村
    Tel: 18208866401/18787107971

More Recommended Hotels in Kunming