Suijiang County History

During the Spring and Autumn warring state period, Suijiang was subordinate to Bo kingdom(僰候国). In 221 BC, the First Emperor of Qin established the system of prefectures and counties, from then on, Suijiang became a county of Shu prefecture(蜀郡). In Han Dynasty, Suijiang was separately subordinate to Bodao prefecture(僰道郡) and Shushi prefecture(朱提郡).  In 618 AD, Suijiang was a member of Shangan county. In Song Dynasty, Suijiang was under the jurisdiction of Tongchuan prefecture(潼川路府). In Qing Dynasty, Suijiang was the sub-county of Yongshan county, in 1910, Suijiang was allowed to be set as a county and named as “Jingjiang” , the next year, it was renamed as “Suijiang”.