Suijiang County Overview

Basic information

Chineses name: 绥江

Location: In the northeast of Yunnan and northwest of Zhaotong

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect


Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 1400 square kilometers

Zip code: 657900

Area code: 0870

Geographical Location

Suijiang county(绥江县) is located in the far northeast part of Yunnan province, the lower reach of Jinsha river and separated from Sichuan province by the river. It lies in the middle of Xiluodu Hydropower Station and Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station. Suijiang county bordering Pinshan county across the Jinsha river in the north, Yanjin county in the south, Shuifu county in the east and Yongshan county in the southwest. It stretches 48.5 kilometers from east to west and 36 kilometers from north to south. The geographical area is 882 square kilometers with the population of 160 thousand.


In the Han Dynasty ,Suijinag county was subordinate to Qianwei prefecture(犍为郡), later it belonged to shushi prefecture(朱提郡). In the next few dynasties, it was subordinate to different administrative regions. In 1732, it was the sub-county of Yongshan county. In 1909, the governor established a county called Jingjiang county, in the next year, renamed as Suijiang county. Suijiang county enjoys rich natural resources, like hydro-energy, coal, wood and wild animals. The geographical area is 882 square kilometers with the population of 16 thousand. Due to its special location-lies on the riverside of Jinsha river, Suijiang county is abundant in aquatic products and plants. Recently, the government has highly supported the development of ecotourism, and Suijiang county is going to be known by more and more travelers.


"Yu Gong" recorded that the Suiyu belonged to the Liangzhou Prefecture. Historical records such as "Historical Records" recorded that during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there was a Bohou State beside the Jinsha River in the Yibin area and along the Minjiang River, which was the place where the Bo people lived, and the territory of Suiyu was in the territory of Bohou. History has proved that more than 2,000 years ago, which their ancestors cultivated and fertilized on this fertile land, and there was a “Huguang Filled the River” event, which made the Dian culture, the Bashu culture and the Jingchu culture blend in Suijiang, forming the “Three and a Half Rivers” culture. In Suijiang, everywhere you can see the teahouses, singing and playing to enjoy themselves, whose customs and customs have the effect of Sichuan, more cultural characteristics, more open, more inclusive, more rich and harmonious. The wheel of history reached the second year of Qing Xuantong (1910). The court approved Suiyu as the “Jingjiang County” and renamed it as “Suijiang County” in the same year.

Administrative Division

Under the jurisdiction of Suijiang county, there are four towns and one village.

They are Zhongcheng town(中城镇), Nanan town(南岸镇), Xintan town(新滩镇), Huiyi town(会仪镇) and Banli village(板栗乡).

Ethnic Groups

There are 17 different ethnic groups in Suijiang county, among them, Yi and Miao are the main groups. Except Luoping village, Tuanjie village and Shaoting village, these minority people also scatter in other places of the county.


Suijiang county belongs to plateau monsoon three-dimensional climate, in which the combination of subtropical and warm temperate co-exist. The bound between seasons is not obvious, and there is no severe cold in winter nor hot in summer. The general characteristic is that the limit between dry and wet is clear, and has sharp distinction in vertical and horizontal.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Suijiang county is March, which is the best month to enjoy the flowers. People will see a sheet of plums in Xintanshilong and see a lot of magnolias in this county everywhere.


Suijiang county(绥江县) has a convenient transportation. You can find long-distance bus, short-distance bus , taxi and buses in its’ territory, in addition, water transportation is also an important mean for people’s travel and freight.


Sui Suijiang county is located in the junction area which links Sichuan and Yunnan province, so the eating patterns of Suijiang people has both the characteristics of Sichuan and Yunnan. In other words, suijiang people has developed their eating habits which mixed spicy, hot, sour, and pungent food together.

Top Attractions

There are a lot of Suijiang attractions in Suijiang county, such as the Jinsha River, Rice Terraces in Suijiang County,The Relics of Mahufu, Feng Dingshan mountain(风顶山), Luohanping Reservoir(罗汉坪水库), Suijiang forest park, comma dock.