Suijiang County Accommodation

Where to stay: there are many hotels with nice service and facilities in Suijiang county, and most of them lie in the apartment building in which you can enjoy a quiet night. Some rooms are good for you to enjoy the scene Jinsha river.

Name:New Century Hotel(新世纪大酒店)


Address:No.12 on the Longxing Avenue in Suijiang county(昭通市绥江县龙行大道西段12号)

Name:Suijiang Hotel(绥江宾馆)


Address: Fengchi new district in Suijiang county昭通市绥江县凤池新区

Name:River-viewing Hotel(望江宾馆)


Address: 9th floor in No.5-1 in Longteng Avenue, Suijiang county(昭通市绥江县龙腾大道中段5号1单元9层)

Name:Tianli Hotel(天利宾馆)


Address: in Fengchi North Road , Suijiang county昭通市绥江县凤池北路附近)

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