Suijiang County Shopping

Lies on the bank of Yangtze river, Suijiang county(绥江县) is rich in natural resources. You can find many kinds of local specialties in the local market. Usually, in each town, the markets are opened three days a time, and in the county seat, markets are opened everyday. If you don’t know what to buy in these local market, some local specialties are listed as follow:

White WaxWhite Wax(白蜡)

It is the secretion of white wax insect, the melting point of the wax is very high, and the color is quite white. White wax is one of the specialties in Suijiang county.

Yunnan Semi-wool SheepYunnan Semi-wool Sheep(云南半细毛羊)

It is the first breed of semi-wool sheep in China. The fineness of the wool ranges from 48-50. The weight of a adult ram reaches 65kg, and the amount of wool reaches 6.55kg. Now. Yunnan semi-wool sheep gains great popularity among poultry farmers, and it is going to be one of the professional sheep raising breeds and family sheep raising breeds.

Broadleaf Holly Leaf(苦丁茶)

Broadleaf holly leaf is widely distribute in Fujian and Guangdong province, it is a traditional pure natural health care beverage. The leaf includes more than 200 nutritive materials. It enjoys the good reputation of health care tea, beauty tea and lengthen life tea, in addition, the leaf has the function of clearing heat.  In Suijiang county, broadleaf holly leaf is widely planted. Farmers plant it for their own drinking, and the surplus is sold in the local market.


Suijiang Grand TaroSuijiang Grand Taro(绥江品芋)

Suijiang people has planted the grand taro for a long time. The grand taro is famous for its’ smooth taste and abundant nutrition. For years ,the grand taro is planted for self-eating and presenting. Now , it is sold to many cities like Yibin, Chengdu, Zhaotong and Kunming, etc. You can buy the grand taro in every local market of Suijiang county.

Half Red Plum(半边红李子)

20 years ago, half red plum was mainly planted for self-eating, later, local people found that the plum is sold well, then, they planted it widely. After a long term of improving and breeding, half red plum has became an mainstay industry of Suijiang county. Today, there is a local market which is specially built for plum wholesaling. The plum is sold across the country by those wholesaler. 

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