Suijiang County Dining

Suijiang county is located in the junction area which links Sichuan and Yunnan province, so the eating patterns of Suijiang people has both the characteristics of Sichuan and  Yunnan. In other words,  suijiang people has developed their eating habits which mixed spicy, hot, sour, and pungent food together. Some local snacks are list as follow:

Suijiang rice noodles(绥江米线)

Although rice noodles is the local snack of Yunnan province, in Suijiang county, it is a little different from other places’. Soup is the most important part of Suijiang rice noodles, according to people’s habit, the soups can be classified as pork chop soup, beef soup, pig's large intestines soup , chicken soup and so on. While making the soup, some Chinese medicines which are helpful to health would be added, and the soup should be stewed at lest 8 hours. The taste is close to Sichuan rather than Yunnan. At the same time, imitating burning noodles(燃面) of Yibin city, Sichuan, Suijiang people invited the burning rice noodles, which is eaten without soup but much pepper and other seasonings. It has a distinctive flavor .

Chafing dish with taro and chicken(品芋鸡火锅)

Chafing dish is popular among people in southwestern China, Suijiang people is no exception. In suijiang county, chafing dish with chicken and taro is the most  popular kind. Taro in Suijiang county has the characteristics of big size and smooth taste, when the taro matches with the chicken  which is fed with only vegetable and corn, the taste is unforgettable.  

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