Xiahuicun Mosque in Tonghai County, Yuxi

Why is Xiahuicun Mosque So Special?

Xiahuicun Mosque is located in the middle of Xiahuicun Village, Hexi Town, Tonghai County. The year when the old mosque was built needs to be verified. But in the Guang Xu Period of Qing Dynasty, it was burned, people donated money to build 3 main halls. In the nine years from 1914 to 1922, three more halls and six wing rooms were built, and the platform of the main hall was expanded. The earthquake in 1970 damaged the main hall, and in 1979, it was repaired and expanded again, and a new minaret(叫拜楼) was built. In 2003, Believers again donated money to build a magnificent building with an area of 3102 square meters, which can accommodate more than 1000 people. It is called Chao Zhen Temple(朝真殿).

The Xiahuicun Mosque, with Chao Zhen Temple and minaret as main body, has formed a certain scale Islamic cultural courtyard at the village level through the struggle of each historical stage. There are also necessary classroom, staff dormitory, basketball court, kitchen, dining room, senior learning room, water room and other supporting facilities. Over the years, mosque schools have trained more than 200 middle and primary talents and more than 60 senior talents. Since 2003, 120 imams have been trained, making positive contributions to promoting harmony, health and sustainable development of religious undertakings.Xiahuicun Mosque in Tonghai County, Yuxi

Where is Xiahuicun Mosque?

Xiahuicun Village(下回村) is located in the west of Tonghai County(通海县) and the east of Hexi Town(河西镇). It is about 14 kilometers from Tonghai County and 2 kilometers from Hexi Town. There are 456 families and a population of 1424 in the village. It is a natural village inhabited by Hui ethnic groups. The villagers believe in Islam, have a simple style of people, live in harmony with their neighbors and have a peaceful religion. Besides, there is a famous mosque with high reputation inside and outside Tonghai county in the village. This famous mosque is Xiahuicun Mosque.

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Best Time to Visit

If you are interested in Xiahuicun Mosque, you can visit it at all seasons.

How to Get There

Xiahuicun Mosque is about 14 kilometers from the county seat of Tonghai County. After arriving in Tonghai County, you can take a taxi to Xiahuicun Village, Xiahuicun Mosque is in the village.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are long-distance buses from Kunming to Tonghai County.

Kunming East Bus Station-Tonghai Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 6:58-18:00

Ticket Price: 42 CNY

Distance: 138 Kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

2. By Train

Kunming Railway Station-Tonghai Railway Station

Departure Time: 7:45, 11:02, 12:30, 15:41

Ticket Price: 21.5 CNY

Distance: 139 Kilometers

Consume Time: About 2 hours

Accommodation Around Xiahuicun Mosque

Xiahuicun Mosque is not far from the county seat of Tonghai County. You can stay in Tonghai County for Overnight.

Useful Travel Tips

1. If you are not a Muslim, learn something about Muslims, mosques and local Hui People in advance;

2. Respect Muslim Culture and do not make noise in the mosque.

3. Know some general situation of Xiahuicun Village in advance.

4. You can participate in some cultural activities during festivals.

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