Bajiazhai Mosque in Wenshan City

Chinese Name:文山八家寨清真寺
English Name: Bajiazhai Mosque in Wenshan City
Keywords: Bajiazhai Mosque in Wenshan City, Hui nationality, mosque village
Location: Located in Bajiazhai, Pingba Village, Hongdian Hui Township, Wenshan City, Yunnan Province

Located Pingba Village(平坝寨村委), Hongdian Hui Township(红甸回族乡), Wenshan City, Yunnan province. Bajiazhai Mosque(八家寨清真寺) was co-built by Bajiazhai and Pingbazhai in 1980. Now it covers an area of 800 square meters. The Worship Hall is a brick-structure building with the construction area of 70 square meters while the total temple covers an area of 230 square meters.
Many of the original Bajiazhai Muslim relocated from Maoke Village. There was only one mosque in Pingba Village. People here don’t know the exact year when it was built. However, it was incinerated in the early 1940 and hasn’t been rebuilt ever since. Due to the short-time distance between the two villages, the people conferred to build Bajiazhai Mosque. It was completed in 1980. There are 40 existing parishioners, 200 Hui nationality. There are 8 imams in this workshop.
Bajiazhai Mosque in Wenshan City