Tonghai County Festivals and Events

As the principle habitation of Mongolian in Yunnan province, Tonghai offers the typical festivals of Mongolian people. It also carries on Muslim culture and celebrates their festivals. Check more and you will find more activities of Tonghai and entertainment in Tonghai.


Luban Festival of Mongolian Ethnic Minority(蒙古族鲁班节)

It was said Mongolian people learn the architecture craft from Luban, so the architecture craftsmen stop working and celebrate it. Mongolian people enjoy the bumper meal and give diverse performance and activities.

Eid al-Adha Festival of Hui Ethnic Minority (回族古尔邦节 )

Eid al-Adha Festival is one of the most important festival of Muslim. Eid al-Adha means sacrifice, which is the main ceremonies of pilgrimage. Festival time differs because of difference between Islam calendar and Gregorian calendar.

Nadam Fair (那达慕大会)

Nadam in the Mongolian means "game" or "entertainment" and is held in lunar June every three years. As a grand event for the traditional Mongolian sport games and cultural activities, Nadam Fair has enjoyed a long history of more than 800 years. 



Dihui (地会)

"Dihui" is a pronoun for local folk art and Han dance, and later "Dihui" also represents the performances, such as dragon lantern, shrimp lantern, lion lamp, donkey lamp, flower lantern and other performance.



The entertainment facilities of Tonghai county are impeccable. You can find tea houses everywhere, local people always spend their leisure afternoon in these tea houses. KTV is also one of the best choices when you want to spend a pleasant night. Bars and cafe are also nice.