Tonghai County Travel Tips

Tonghai is a destination definitely worth your visiting, and when you travel here, some tips listed as follow may be helpful.


1.Where to Stay in Tonghai County

  • Landun Hotel (通海兰顿酒店)
  • Mingbang Hotel (通海名邦大酒店)
  • Tongyin Hotel (通海通印大酒店)


2.What to Visit in Tonghai County

  • Tonghai Confucius Temple in Tonghai County, Yuxi (通海文庙)
  • Longxin Temple in Tonghai County, Yuxi(龙兴寺)
  • Sansheng Palace in Tonghai County, Yuxi (三圣宫)
  • Najiaying Mosque in Tonghai County, Yuxi (纳家营清真寺)
  • Dahuicun Mosque in Tonghai County, Yuxi (大回村清真寺)
  • Xiushan Mountain Park in Tonghai County, Yuxi (通海秀山公园)
  • Qilu Lake in Tonghai County, Yuxi (通海县杞麓湖)


3.Best Time to Visit Tonghai County

Due to its’ mild climate, Tonghai is an all-year-round tourist destination and no distinct seasons.


4.Useful Numbers

Consumer Complaint: 12315

Tourist Complaint: 0877-2067406

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114

Weather Forecast: 121

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120


5.Hospital and Post Office


People’s Hospital of Tonghai County (通海县人民医院)

Address:No.33 on the Fushan street

Tel: 0877-3011553

Tonghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (通海中医院)

Address: No.50 on the North Street

Tel: 0877-3012164

⇔Post Office

Tonghai Branch of China Post (中国邮政)

Address: No.21 Eastern Liyue Road, Tonghai County, Yuxi City



6.Money Exchange


Postal Saving Bank of China (Tonghai Sub-Branch) (中国邮政储蓄银行通海支行)

Address: in the Yangguang village, Yangguang town

Tel: 0877-3661705

Agricultural Bank of China (Tonghai Sub-Branch) (农业银行通海支行)

Address:No74 on the West street

Tel: 0877-3012795

Tonghai County Rural Credit Cooperatives Union (通海农村信用社)

Address: No.4-2 on the Liyue East road


7.Safety Precautions

 1.Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.

2.Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.

3.Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.