Tonghai County Accommodation

Tonghai county offers the favorable accommodation. Travelers can choose the hotel according your requirements. You can also stay in luxury hotels of Yuxi city if you want a better stay. Yunnaan Exploration offers some recommended hotels of Tonghai for you.


3-Star Hotel

1.Landun Hotel 通海兰顿酒店

Address: No.72 Western Liyue Road, Tonghai County, Yuxi City

Tel: 0877-3098888

2.Mingbang Hotel 通海名邦大酒店

Address: No.219 Western Xiushan Road, Tonghai County, Yuxi City

Tel: 0877-3058999

3.Tongyin Hotel 通海通印大酒店

Address: No.2 Eastern Liyue Road, near Passenger Station, Tonghai County, Yuxi City

Tel: 0877-3021666 

4.Xiangyun Hotel 通海祥云大酒店

Address: No.88 Western Liyue Road, Tonghai County, Yuxi City

Tel: 0877-3803777

5.Diannan Hotel 通海滇南大酒店

Address: No.27 Western Liyue Road, near Fukang Street, Tonghai County, Yuxi City

Tel: 0877-3078888


Guest House

1.Tonghai Mingxin Ancient Cartyard Guest House 通海明馨古院客栈

Address: No.26 Wenxian Road, Tonghai County, Yuxi City

Tel: 13577770566

2.Xiushan Guest House 玉溪秀山客栈毓秀苑

Address: No.54 Wenmiao Street, Xiushan Town, Tonghai County, Yuxi City



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