13 Days South Yunnan Cycling Tour from Kunming to XishuangBanna

Route: Kunming → Fuxian Lake → Jianshui → Yuanyang → Lvchun → Puer → Jinghong (Xishuangbanna)

This is a charismatic itinerary for cycling from Kunming to Jinhong of Xishuangbanna in the south end of Yunnan Province. The 1,000-km (621-mi) journey is relatively flat and full of charming beauties.

Day 1 Kunming to Fuxian Lake

► Distance: 60 km (37 mi)
► Time: 6 to 7 hours

Setting off from Kunming, you will cycle along the No.213 National Highway southward to the Fuxian Lake of Chengjiang City on the first day. Out of Kunming about 50 km (31 mi), you will first come to the foot of the Liangwang Mountain which is the first mountain in this journey. It is 2,800 meters (9,186 feet) in height that you will get to the Fuxian Lake as soon as descending down. In the remaining time today, you could enjoy the beautiful scenery of Fuxian Lake leisurely and then stay overnight in a budget inn near the lake.

Day 2 Fuxian Lake to Lihaozhai Village
► Distance: 109 km (68 mi)
► Time: 11 hours

Early in the morning, you can ride your bike southward to Lihaozhai, passing by Jiangchuan and Tonghai. The road from Fuxian Lake to Jiangchuan is so charming that you can enjoy the breathtaking sunrise and the blooming flowers even in winter. Later, you could have lunch and rest in Jiangchuan. Then, you will have to spend more time to finish the mountain road from Jiangchuan to Tonghai. Leaving from Tonghai and climbing up the mountain, you will find that the wide Red River is running at your foot. From here, you will enter the Honghe Hani & Yi Autonomous Region. After another section of rolling mountain road, you will arrive in Lihaozhai Village almost before night.

Day 3 Lihaozhai to Jianshui Ancient Town
► Distance: 28 km (17 mi)
► Time: 3 hours

Today, it will just take a short time to get to Jianshui before lunch after finishing the 20-km (12-mi) downhill road. You can explore this ancient town leisurely today and have a good rest for the next day’s cycling.

Day 4 Jianshui to Yuanyang

► Distance: 78 km (48 mi)
► Time: 8 to 9 hours

The following destination is Yuanyang which is about 78 km (48 mi) from Jianshui Ancient Town. Firstly, you have to climb up the 18-km (11-mi) uphill road to Potou where you will enter into the area of the Ailao Mountain. It has an altitude of about 2,000 meters (6,562 feet).

Later, you will take a long downhill but soon another uphill mountain road to Nansha Town of Yuanyang. The scenery along this journey is changeful that you will have a special experience.

Day 5 Nansha Town to Laomeng Town
► Distance: 80 km (50 mi)
► Time: 8 to 9 hours

Setting off from Nansha Town of Yuanyang, you will go over a 1,700 meters (5,577 feet) high peak of Ailao Mountain. The uphill road is about 40 km (25 mi) and the following Yuanyang Rice Terraces of Hani people is worth a visit. In the afternoon, you will arrive in Xinjie Town of Yuanyang. Here, you can stay to explore those grand terraces or continue to the next destination Laomeng Town for a night.

Day 6 Laomeng Town to Lvchun County
► Distance: 65 km (40 mi)
► Time: 6 to 7 hours

On the 6th day, you can ride the bicycle along a 40-km (25-mi) mountain road to Huangcaoling first and finally arrive in Lvchun County which is well-known for the culture of the local Hani people.

Day 7 Lvchun County to Daheishan Town
► Distance: 100 km (62 mi)
► Time: 10 to 11 hours

The following destination is Jiangcheng County. However, you have to spend one day to get to Daheishan. It is about 100 km (62 mi) from Lvchun County along the river. This journey is relatively easy that there is only a 20-km (12-mi) uphill road.

Day 8 Daheishan Town to Jiangcheng County
► Distance: 60 km (37 mi)
► Time: 6 to 7 hours

Today, you will finish a 60-km (37-mi) journey to Jiangcheng County of Puer City. The road condition is not so good and there is a 40 km (25 mi) long rough uphill road.

Day 9 Jiangcheng County -Zhengdong Town-Manla Town

► Distance: 113 km 
► Time: 8hours
Ride 56KM from Jiangcheng to Zhengdong Town(整董镇), visit the Chengzi Sanzhai Village(城子三寨村) of Dai ethnic people. We will have lunch in Zhengdong Town today.
Continue the 57KM riding from Zhengdong Town to Manla Town(曼腊乡) which is a town of Yao ethnic people. You will pass by Mantan Village(曼滩村),Luode Village(倮德村) and Mannai Village(曼乃村) on the way.
Stay in Manla Town for overnight.

Day 10 Manla Town-Yiwu Town-Menglun Town
► Distance: 80 km 
► Time: 7hours
Ride 30KM from Manla Town to Yiwu Town(易武镇), which is the origin of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. As the hometown of Pu’er Tea, Yiwu has conserved in good conditions historical relics of the “Ancient 6 Teas Mountains”. Strolling on the old streets of Yiwu, one will be greeted by time-honored trademarks of tea businesses such as Cheshun, Qianlizhen, Anle and Tongxing etc.
We will have lunch in Yiwu Town today, visit the local Puer tea factory in Yiwu Town.
Continue the 50KM riding from Yiwu Town to Menglun Town.

Day 11 Menglun-Dai Minority Garden-Jinghong
In the morning, we will pay a visit Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, founded in 1959. It is the biggest and richest botanical garden in China nowadays, which has established relationship with over 50 counties worldwide, and its international influence moves up gradually. Now, it is the National Education Base of Science and the National Tourism Spot.
We will start the 40KM cycling tour from Menglun to Dai Minority Garden(傣族园) in JingHa Town(景哈); After lunch in JingHa Town, we will continue the 30KM riding along the Mekong River to Jinghong City via XishuangBanna Primitive Forest Park.
Arrive in Jinghong City, walk around Gaozhuang Market, enjoy the night view of Gaozhuang Night Market and Mekong River at night.

Day 12 Nannuo Tea Mountain Cylcing Tour in Jinghong
In the morning, we will ride to Nannuo Tea Mountain, a place in the middle of way from Jinghong to Menghai, famous for tea of very good quality, as well a traditional inhabitancy area of Aini people, local Aini is good at tea planting and production, big number of ancient tea trees aged several hundred years are scattered around, and still bearing buds to benefit villagers.

Ride from foot of the mountain, with some ascent first, then flat and slow descent, walk takes 3-4 hours riding along the country road with a big slope. Moving along small trail or tractor road across villages and ancient tea plantations, we can enjoy refreshing air in forest, listen to singing of birds and chirps of insects in nature, explore Aini people’s simple and traditional life, if like, enter their wooden house built on stilts and have a short chat with them over a cup of most organic homegrown Puerh tea.
We will stop to visit a tea workshop and collect the Puerh tea from 300-year old tea tree; and then learn how to make Puerh tea with the help of the tea farmers.
In the late afternoon, we will ride the other way down to Gelanghe Town(格朗和), and ride back to Jinghong City.

Day 13 Departure from Jinghong
You will be free in the morning until your time to the airport or railway station.
Service ends.