Yuxi Mosque in Yuxi City

Why is Yuxi Mosque So Special?

Yuxi Mosque is formerly known as “Zhoucheng mosque(州城清真寺)”. The mosque has gone through a lot since it was built.

1. Initial Construction

In the past, most of the Hui people in Yuxi lived in Longmenjiu Village(龙门九村), but not many in the Zhoucheng(today’s Hongta District), so they did not have a mosque. The earliest mosque in the city was built by Tian Qingyu(田庆余) during the Hui uprising in Yunnan. Xianfeng(咸丰) period of Qing Dynasty, the Qing government ordered “suppression of Hui people”, so that countless Hui people lost their lives and their villages were destroyed. Tian Qingyu angrily revolted and occupied Zhoucheng(州城). News spread and the Hui people from all sides gathered here, but so many Hui people did not have a mosque. Therefore, although they were in the midst of a war, Tian Qingyu decided resolutely to build a mosque.

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2. Adversity

In the bloody storm of the Qing army, the mosque remained unmoved, and Tian Qingyu(田庆余) had persisted in the struggle against the Qing Revolution for 10 years. During these years, Zhoucheng Mosque(州城清真寺) was always playing a role of the core fortress in the struggle. After the defeat of the uprising, Zhoucheng mosque was demolished in the 12th year of Tongzhi Qing Dynasty(清朝同治年间), converted into wealth temple(财神庙) and Guan Yu temple(武庙).

3. Reconstruction

At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, some Hui people returned to live in the Zhoucheng(州城). Among them, Ma Jinyou(马金友) and Ma Rui(马瑞) raised money and prepared to build a mosque in Xiaomiao Street(小庙街) of Zhoucheng. Due to the objection of surrounding Han people, they were only allowed to build into a bungalow, rake angle. The Hui people who were in a weak position had to give way. In 1914 (1924),  mosque was built, and a well was dug on the ground. After liberation, there was a period of closure. After the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee(in 1978), the mosque was restored the worship function.

4. Renaissance

By 1988, the number of Hui people in the city had increased to more than 1400, and the contradiction between more people and small mosque was prominent. Therefore, a brick and concrete structure building was added to the open space in front of the old mosque in Xiaomiao Street(小庙街), covering an area of 277 square meters. But the expansion still can not meet the increasing demands of Muslim worshippers in urban areas, the contradiction between more people and small mosque is still prominent. In 1992, the Planning Commission approved the demolition and reconstruction. The reconstruction began in July 1992 and was completed in January 1993. With brick-concrete structure and an area of 435 square meters, the mosque is large and better than before. The investment is 130000 yuan. The first floor is for imam, the second floor is a chapel, the third and fourth floor are classroom and student dormitory, and there is a reception room for guests.

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Best Time to Visit

If you are interested in Yuxi Mosque, you can visit it at all seasons.

How to Get There

Hongta District is the political and economic center of Yuxi City, so transportation to Hongta District is convenient. When you are there in Hongta district, you can take a taxi to Yuxi Mosque.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are many buses from Kunming to Hongta District of Yuxi. It is about 107 kilometers from Kunming East Bus Station to Hongta District bus terminal, about 1.5 hours. The ticket price is from 37 yuan to 55 yuan.

2. By Train

The fastest way to get to Hongta District of Yuxi is by train. You can take train at Kunming railway station or Kunming south railway station. Departing from Kunming south railway station spends less time.

Accommodation Around Yuxi Mosque

Yuxi Mosque is located in Hongta District. Hongta district is located in the central Yunnan hinterland, and is ranked as one of the top 100 industrial regions in China. The economy is relatively developed. Accommodation in Hongta District is convenient as there are many hotels ranging from luxury hotels to hostels. It is easy to find a comfort hotel in Hongta District.

Useful Travel Tips

1. If you are not a Muslim, learn something about Muslims, mosques and local Hui People in advance;

2. Respect Muslim Culture and do not make noise in the mosque.

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